Announcing the Launch of Skinny, “The Skinny Tie Clip”

Los Angeles (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

A newly developed tie clip is poised to shake up the skinny tie industry. Called Skinny and marketed with the tagline The Skinny Tie Clip, the device represents a unique alternative to traditional tie clips. Engineered by Alfred English and Apollo Crowe, self-proclaimed skinny tie enthusiasts, Skinny was invented to address the perceived shortcomings of classical clips.

Shrinking the size of a traditional tie clip and calling it a skinny tie clip is hogwash, says English. The skinny tie is a different type of tie that requires a different type of tie clip entirely. It cant have a big, bulky lever like traditional clips because the skinny tie is all about slim and tight fit. It cant be simply slide-on, because it needs to adjust to the different materials used in skinny ties – wool, satin, etc. So we started from scratch and engineered a truly groundbreaking, spring-loaded lever system with jaws that can open and close but without the bulky lever.

Called SnapLNX, this new clamping mechanism recently was awarded a utility patent in the U.S., and features springs made by the same company that makes springs for NASA.

In addition to its unique clamping mechanism, Skinny distinguishes itself with an unorthodox disc-shape. The round form-factor is a direct contrast to the rectangles that have characterized tie clips for decades. The shape serves a purpose, as it allows Skinny to feature full-color graphics that cover the entire clip, a distinct departure from monochromatic style of traditional clips.

You cant fit a truly compelling or complete graphic on a thin bar, says co-founder, Crowe. With Skinny, weve created a better chassis that can accommodate a much wider selection of designs.

Skinnys collection features such colorful designs as The Flag, Red Star, and Lipstick. Circular hardware is also featured, such as Winchester shotgun shells, screw heads and steel pennies from World War II.

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