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A Brilliant Display with a Stunning Price Tag: Electronics E-commerce Leader Monoprice Features a New Line of High End LED Monitor Displays and Other Gaming Accessories at CES on January 8-11, 2013

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

Electronics e-commerce leader Monoprice (Booth # 70311, Venetian Hotel Ballroom) has announced a new line of high end LED display monitors ideal for gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (January 8-11, 2013.)

Monoprice ( ) is an e-commerce company that specializes in delivering high-quality PC, gaming and other tech accessories at bargain prices. They offer more than 4,000 branded and non-branded products on their website.

Monoprice introduced this new line of high-end LED monitors in early December at prices substantially lower (i.e. under $ 400) than other similar-quality displays on the market. The first model released 27-inch IPS LED CrystalPro Monitor WQHD ($ 390, Product ID #9579) -- features a stunning display with a 16:9 aspect ratio for a 2560 by 1440 resolution that is truly ideal for the serious gamer or professional graphic artist. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology featured in this monitor helps produce its impressive color and viewing performance, as well as increasing response time to 6 milliseconds, which is a crucial factor for gaming.

The dual-link-DVI Monoprice monitor has a tilt stand and VESA wall-mount capability, and includes built-in speakers. Monoprices display also features a glossy-black-plastic enclosure. It is also compact measuring about 25.5" x 16" x 2.3" and weighing only about 14.3 lbs.

With our new LED monitor displays, we have delivered a high end display product at a price point unheard of in the industry, said Luke Grant, Monoprices Director of Marketing. CES is the perfect venue for our growing company to show how we are continuing to expand into new markets and giving our customers a value proposition they cant find anywhere else.

Monoprice has also greatly expanded its product line of high-quality but affordable gaming accessories and will feature a number new products at CES, including gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and a gaming kit.

Details include:

7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC - BLACK ($ 87, Product ID #9771) -- While stereo audio is ideal for recorded music and watching TV, when it comes to FPS gaming you really need an expanded audio capability to hear when someone is ahead of you, behind you, or even overhead. Monoprices new gaming headset featuring a Dolby 7.1 channel audio system will enhance your gaming experience. The headset is designed to connect to PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 gaming systems, and includes all the necessary cables and connectors. It supports both analog 2-channel and digital 7.1 channel Toslink (optical) input and is certified by Dolby for use with Dolby Digital 5.1, Pro Logic IIx, and Dolby Headphone modes. The headset uses a USB connection for microphone communications on the PC and PS3, or a 3.5mm TRRS plug for the Xbox 360 and Smartphones. It also comes with two boom microphones -- one designed for gaming and the other for mobile hands-free use with a smartphone. An adapter is included, so this headset can be used with any smartphone, old or new. Additionally, the headset supports the Xbox Live Communication standard.

This headset features a single 40mm driver on each side instead of the usual eight small drivers packed into the two ear pieces to produce the 7.1 channel audio placement. The larger driver delivers superior, distortion-free sound reproduction under both 2-channel stereo and 7.1 channel conditions. The Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) creates the necessary phasing of the audio signal to the headset to produce a clear and accurate 7.1 channel soundstage, which provides the necessary audible queues you need to excel at FPS gaming. The DAC also allows for separate volume control over each of the 8 audio channels, so you can adjust it for the perfect soundstage balance. Although this audio system comes with only the single headset, the system can support two. Monoprices Entry-Level Amplified Gaming Headset ($ 38, Product ID #9770) can serve as a second headset for this system. Even though the entry level system is not designed for 7.1 channel audio, the headset can produce a 7.1 channel sound performance using the DAC's internal phasing circuitry.

Level X Gaming Bundle for Playstation 3 ($ 60, #10144) Take your PS3 gaming system to the next level with Monoprices Level X Gaming Bundle for Playstation 3. This bundle is the perfect add-on for a new Playstation 3 purchase or the experienced PS3 gamer and includes four essential accessories:

Game Controller - When playing local multiplayer games, you need to have at least two game controllers. This controller not only works as a second unit, but its turbo feature and ability to disable rumble -- means that you could make it your primary one.

Gaming Headsets - When gaming success depends on accurate audio cues, you don't want to rely on TV speakers. The serious gamer need a good pair of headsets, which will give you the proper volume levels for spacial cues and block out external noises that could disrupt the experience.

USB Hub - The original Playstation 3 came with 4 USB ports, but the newer versions have only two ports. When playing games like Rock Band, with a full crew, you need at least four USB ports for the wireless instrument dongles and wired microphone. Additionally, your controllers need to be charged via USB and you need USB for the Playstation Eye required for the Move controller. This hub expands your system so you can handle a full load of USB devices.

15ft USB Cable - This cable allows you to charge a controller while playing without forcing you to move next to your PS3 console with the typical 6 foot cable.

5-Button Optical Laser Gaming Mouse - Black ($ 19, Product ID #9258) -- Get the edge on the competition with Monoprices 5-Button Laser Gaming Mouse. Unlike normal optical mice, which use LEDs for illuminating the sensor, this mouse features a laser diode for improved sensitivity and accurate tracking on all surfaces. The 5-button design includes the standard left/right/wheel buttons, plus an additional pair on the left side of the mouse. By default these two extra buttons perform "forward" and "backward" functions in browsers, but they can be custom configured within individual games. The mouse also features a soft-touch, silky-smooth, rubber coated upper surface and an etched side for improved grip. The left-side of the mouse includes a small protrusion on which you can rest your thumb. A pair of buttons on the upper surface of the mouse allow you to adjust the sensitivity/dpi setting of the mouse on the fly (800, 1600, 2400, or 3400 dpi), so you can increase its speed when you need a stronger response and slow it down when you need more precision. No installation or drivers are required. Just plug it in and it works.

Monoprice encourages all attendees of CES to visit the companys exhibition booth, #70311 located in the Venetian Hotel Ballroom in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Monoprice, Inc. (DBA

Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Monoprice, Inc. is an e-commerce leader specializing in high-quality cables, components and accessories for computer and consumer electronics. Established in 2002, the company has built its reputation upon customer word of mouth, the consistent ability to deliver premium quality products at prices far below other national brands in retail, and unmatched customer service. Many of Monoprice products are produced in ISO9001 and ISO14001 facilities and maintain the highest standards for production and work environment. The vast majority of the companys products are RoHS compliant, reducing their environmental impact. They are a CCR Trading Partner, a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and were named an Inc. 500 company for 2008, 2009 & 2010, and an Inc. 5000 company for 2011.


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