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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2006

In this day and age, professionals, homemakers, and students alike want a computer that could do it all. Computers have taken over more and more primitive tasks over the years such as sending or receiving correspondence (email), storing huge loads of files or documents (archive), drawing blue prints and creating industrial plans (AutoCAD), accounting and organizing data (Microsoft Excel), and field research (world wide web). The convenience of it all only reinforces the need for it. However, not everyone is blessed with technological savvy. For most of us, we just want a computer that's reliable, more than anything. A functional monitor, an uncomplicated looking CPU, a decent keyboard, and an ice-age printer ought to do the trick. We don't really deem it necessary to understand every minute detail, like what kind we should buy, how to install the drivers, or what to do when it stops working. We are fine with it for as long as it is running and is not giving us a hard time. For the technologically challenged, specs, motherboards, mainframes, and RAM may be slightly too much information to handle. And for this reason, a number of consumer-friendly websites have been put up to showcase different kinds of computers sold with a wide range of prices to boot.

I recently bought a brand new LG 19" 8ms DVI LCD. I was very excited about this purchase even though I had no idea about LCD and monitors in general nor did I understand anything that came after LG 19". I didn't even have a clue what LCD meant, but that didn't matter because as soon as I saw it at the local entertainment store, I knew I had to have one. At that time the monitor was priced at around $ 200, but I got mine online for only $ 159.99! Digital treasure chests are available 24 hours 7 days a week at where bargains are an understatement. Unlike other popular shopping engines you may have encountered online, tigerdirect guarantees high-quality gadgets at rock-bottom prices you may not be able to find elsewhere. They are also known to have the best deals when it comes to computer hardware and software. When I ordered the LCD monitor online, I was prompted to review the specs which wasn't that hard to understand. The information was presented in a way that could be easily noted and compared with other available items in the market. If you go to the site now you will find that they are conducting a special once-a-year overstock clearance sale. Even though we're five months away, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Another venue for surprising tech deals and computer must-haves is When you browse a category, it will automatically show important specs and added features of every product. For example, you can get an HP dv5000t 15.4 Widescreen Notebook for an unbelievable price of $ 709.99 plus tax. Aside from a $ 100 discount from the original price ($ 859.99) and getting a rebate of $ 50 as an HP promotion, you could also enjoy a few other added perks and feature upgrades such as a free 80GB upgrade from 60GB, and free shipping anywhere in the country. If that isn't enough, you can compare the product by clicking on the Similar Deals and Low Price Search. It's a liberating experience because shopping for computers has never been this easy.

Big names in computer hardware manufacturing such as Dell, *Apple Computer*, and Hewlett-Packard have also come up with online discount coupons that consumers may use during a specific period of time for them to get the latest and most-advanced technology at a reasonably lower price. Sites such as and offer free online coupons and discount deals on featured products and packages. Armed with an online discount coupon, you could get crazy deals at crazy low prices. A dell4me coupon, for instance, could make you eligible for free upgrade to an 8X DVD Burner, memory upgrade to 1 GB, and TrueLife Display upgrade when you buy a specially configured Inspiron E1505 notebook from Dell Home. Similarly, HP coupon codes enable consumers to get cash rebates or free shipping upon purchasing customized desktops and notebooks. Shipping costs alone can start from $ 4.99 and as far as discounts are concerned, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

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