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PRINOUT Is Now Available on iWedPress – Select Your Wedding Photos Directly from Your Wedding Website

Miami, Fl (PRWEB) November 26, 2012 allows couples to build wedding websites easily with unlimited pictures, videos, web pages and much more and is a wonderful way for couples to stay connected with their online friends and families while they plan their weddings. A 14 Days Free trial of the site is available for all users.

When it comes to selecting your special occasion photos, one is clearly overwhelmed with all the choices that he/she has to make. Whether it's the size, color, quantity or the photo itself, the choices are endless and may take a long time to do and send to the photographer for developing. simplifies the work of both the photographer and the client. This software's one of a kind idea creates a user friendly platform that allows the photographer to upload the photos of a specific event for a client online. The client can then go to the online page and choose the photos that he/she wants developed from the convenience of their own home.

Photographers are intrigued with and how much time and money it can save them. The fast uploader that the software entails can upload approximately 70 photos per minute . They can also watermark their photos to secure license purposes. Photographers no longer have to resize or rotate every photo, does that automatically with every upload. The desktop photo finder helps the photographer automatically find the photos selected by the client. also helps in keeping track of all the clients and events and their corresponding photo histories. Every photographer is now able to enjoy this software that is time efficient and easy to use.

Once the photographer has uploaded all the photos for the client, the client can now login and start selecting the photos to be developed. Not only is it easier on the client to choose a specific photo, but the client can also choose the size of the photo, the quantity of the photo and even upload the selected photos to facebook right away. After selecting all the photos at their own convenience and from the privacy of their own homes, they can send the selected photos to their photographer to be developed with just one click. It's fast and easy with no hassle.

With all the events that a photographer covers, it is hard to keep track of all the clients and all the photos taken. is a software solution that does that for them and saves them time and energy. No more burning DVDs and taking notes on a piece of paper. Now, photographers have the opportunity to make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. As for the client that has to go through thousands of photos for a wedding or anniversary or even their kids birthdays, choosing what photos they want developed has always been a procrastinating job. With, its fast and easy and doesn't take long. Clients can have their photos selected and sent to the photographer for developing right away. Photo print selection has never been made easier.

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