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Nonprofits and Churches Easily Prepare Annual Contribution Statements with Updated Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software

Fresno, CA (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Aplos Software, LLC updated their nonprofit accounting software this week to make it easier for nonprofits to manage donor contributions. With this update, nonprofits and churches can allow an individual to only have access to the contribution management sections of the accounting software so they can quickly, easily and safely help enter donations, update donor contact information and help print the required annual Contribution Statements prior to the IRS deadline of January 31, 2013.

Mailing giving statements on time can be stressful for small nonprofits and churches, especially if they are not using an appropriate fund accounting software throughout the year. Aplos helps nonprofits change this time-intensive project into one that is as simple as the click of a button, said Tim Goetz, CPA and co-founder of Aplos Software. Even if organizations have not been using Aplos Accounting all year, we will help them import their data so they can easily prepare 2012 giving statements, then they will already be set up to start 2013 accounting on the right foot.

Nonprofit Accounting Software Eases Contribution Statement Preparation

Aplos Accounting, the web-based fund accounting software designed for small nonprofits and faith-based organizations, is designed to be simple enough for a non-accountant to manage it easily and accurately. In addition to true fund accounting, organizations can add optional Apps based on their unique needs, including Contributions Management to track donations and automatically generate Contribution Statements.

Other available Apps include budgeting, bank reconciliation, check printing and a people database. Aplos Accountings web-based platform includes the ability to have multiple users with various permission levels who can access the software from any location using an Internet connection.

For example, a nonprofit can create a user for a board member or accountant so this person can log in from their office to view reports or audit the accounting, but not make changes to any transactions. Aplos Accountings recent update created a new user type called a Contribution Manager user, who can only access Contributions Management-related sections of the nonprofit accounting software. This is ideal for a nonprofit or church that uses a volunteer or untrained staff member to help enter end-of-the-year donations, update donor contact information and print Contributions Statements.

Fund Accounting Software For Small Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations

Aplos Accounting is designed for the specific fund accounting needs of small churches, faith-based organizations and nonprofit organizations with its intuitive user interface. Many organizations are actively looking for the best church accounting software or nonprofit accounting software for their 2013 accounting and are finding Aplos is very easy to set-up, import their information, manage without accounting experience and quickly customize and print their needed financial reports.

Aplos customer Michele Slayden, co-founder of the nonprofit Off The Front said, Aplos is for people like me who have little time, minimal experience, and are in desperate need of confidence in an area requiring a great amount of responsibility.

In addition to providing all of the essential accounting functions, Aploss Cloud-based accounting software means there is no software download needed and users dont need to worry about saving a back-up in case a computer crashes because Aplos does it automatically on its secure platform.

Aplos Softwares web-based fund accounting suite with the Contributions Management App is priced from $ 16.98 up to $ 30.95 per month based on the number of users and other functionality needed. Aplos Software also offers Aplos Oversight, a free enterprise accounting platform for users to easily manage the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches that use Aplos Accounting. Nonprofits can register for a 15-day free trial of Aplos Accounting. Visit for more information or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

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