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11Jan/130 Remains Dedicated to Philanthropy During the Holiday Season With Donations to Goodwill Industries and Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT)

San Leandro, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Online textbook buyback company, MyBookbuyer, remains committed to supporting special charitable causes through their donations to Goodwill Industries of San Francisco and Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT).

In October, MyBookBuyer donated three gaylords of childrens books to Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) with the purpose to reach and help children through the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond. A gaylord is a large corrugated container that is commonly used to securely transport heavy bulk items such as books. This donation of books was quite substantial, as each gaylord weighed upwards of 800 lbs and contained well over 1,000 books per container. RAFT supports the reuse and repurposing of materials away from landfills to use in constructive ways in schools and classrooms. They use these donated materials to run their comprehensive resource centers which allow educators to learn, prepare and share ideas. They presently have 8,250 members of teachers, administrators and community educators who continue to help more than 400,000 children, mostly in Northern California. The donation to RAFT consisted of a wide range of children's books, primarily softcover picture books, readers and chapter books.

Later that month, MyBookBuyer donated a high speed Sealed Air PriorityPak automated packaging system to Goodwill Industries of San Francisco. The PriorityPak System is a massive, industrial system that weighs close to 500 lbs., is 7 feet tall and approximately 10 feet in length. This product containment packaging system will provide Goodwill with a fast and efficient means to increase their productivity from 1-3 packages a minute a manual method might produce, to close to 20 packages a minute all while protectively securing their books for shipping. The Goodwill Industries is known by most for their work in most communities of accepting a wide range of donations and using them to create jobs for those in need. They are dedicated to providing economic independence and improving employment opportunities, something MyBookBuyer strongly supports.

Whether its conducting a fundraising drive to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation or raising money for Toys for Tots, who collect and distribute toys help less fortunate children across the country during the holidays, MyBookBuyer recognizes that the holidays can be a trying time for low-income and otherwise less fortunate families.

MyBookBuyer has historically sought to identify and support charitable organizations that have a message that rings true to them. I have found these selected organizations set a great example for us to follow, through their selfless charitable deeds that touch so many lives and how they strive to truly make a difference, says MyBookBuyer founder Michael Der.

MyBookBuyer allows anyone with a computer to sell textbooks online for cash. Those seeking more information on the company and the causes they support may do so by visiting the company webpage at

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