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ITM Financial’s Neurotech Forex Signals Predicted President Obama’s Election Victory Weeks In Advance

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

ITM Financial, a worldwide leader in neurotech investment strategies, accurately predicted a President Obama re-election verse challenger Mitt Romney. By using proprietary algorithms and "constantly learning" neural networks, the ITM group was able to accurately predict that President Obama would win re-election about 60 days before the official vote. The group was then able to disperse this information to all its members and create a windfall trading period for most members.

While a Republican win was touted by analysts to be the core instigator of US Dollar Strength, the NeuroTech OS had a different take on things. By analyzing millions of data points per minute and by monitoring the 5 major forex trading currency pairs, the neurotech software was able to spot different levels of variants, or disruptions, that created trading opportunities. "We were very encouraged by the information and data we were able to process leading up to the election." says CEO of ITM Financial, Curt Dalton. "We had a record trading week leading up to the election in our currency trading, but also in gold and oil. The main buzz about Romney being able to pull out this election was not supported in our aggregate number we look at in Google, Facebook, Twitter, forums, chat groups, blogs, and news services." added Curt.

Ali Khan, head of technology and trading had a similar point of view. "By analyzing 'core price action', our NeuroTech OS Technology told us that it could only have been Obama as the winner due to the alarming strength in the S&P 500, the dramatic recovery the US Dollar had begun to take, and the even more dramatic downturn the Euro has begun to take this year. Europes problems are far from over, as we have seen the Euro begin a precipitous slide. The trade alerts our system gave our members for gold and oil were in direct relation to an Obama victory that we knew was guaranteed based on our data. The data never lies."

In just their first year of trading, ITM Financial has been a stunning success in the field of algorithmic trading and forex signals. With the Neurotech trading platform now boasting of an impressive, 3rd party verified return of 63.49%, many have started to take notice of this young start up. "With 3rd party results ( you tend to attract attention on a worldwide scale." added Curt Dalton. "We are able to spot high reward and low risk trading opportunities for our members. The new found attention from hedge funds and money managers is nice, but the propriatary trading technology is ours, and ours alone."

For a full demonstration of the Neurotech forex trading platform, sign up at the link below.


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