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Desktop Computing Finally Enters the Cloud with the Launch of a New Authentic Virtual Desktop

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 13 December 2012

Cloud computing has evolved over the last 3 years to now provide a third generation Cloud network which spans across the data centre and the organisation to support the so called Hybrid Cloud. This era of computing power has transformed the way organisations have managed their IT systems, however the desktop PC has however fallen far behind in the development cycle with many firms running on slow and sluggish computers.

Consequently many organisations have opted for basic virtual desktops running on a Terminal Services (TS) infrastructure. In this scenario, the users share the same IT resource to access their virtual desktop, stored centrally in the Cloud. This development didnt deliver on what it promised and many organisations have opted to keep their desktop computers on-site, accessing the Cloud on a service only basis for apps or system functions such as disaster recovery or online backup. Users were becoming concerned that the Cloud was not all it was cracked up to be - until now.

London Cloud Computing and infrastructure provider Commensus has today announced the launch of an authentic new Cloud Desktop operating at full capacity in the Cloud. Each user has access to their own dedicated, Citrix virtual desktop that can be accessed from any location and from any device through the Cloud. Running on the latest processors and with an enterprise Windows operating system, this VDI is bound to impress even the most frustrated critic.

Users want to access their desktop on the go. They need it to be fast, accessible and above all secure, says Commensus CTO Alex Parker. The new Cloud Desktop hosted on our enterprise Cloud Computing platform delivers unparalleled responsiveness. Users get all the benefits of a high performance VDI, whilst IT Managers can enjoy centrally managed apps and system processes to ensure security of the data both at the user level but also within the data centre.

With all of the users applications and data stored centrally, company directors fears of allowing employees to take sensitive data out of the office are diminished. The new Virtual Cloud Desktop is setting a new precedence of remote working. Commensus has reporting that clients, who have trialled the new authentic VDI, have also purchased more mobile devices demonstrating a transition to mobile working.

Bringing your own device to work can also improve productivity, says Parker, users could event work from a tablet or mobile device, enjoying the power of a fast, secure VDI. The possibilities are almost endless.

Companies can now trial the Commensus Authentic Virtual Desktop for free by registering on the companys website at

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