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Checks for Business Now Available with Check Envelopes in a Package Deal at PrintE-Z.Com, to Help Save on Check Orders

Monroe, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2012

Moving ahead with the aggressive strategy in the checks for business niche, has launched a series of package deals. Among these package offerings that have been launched on site, the one that offers the higher level of value is the one that includes check envelopes to go along with the checks ordered. In the launch of the deals, CEO, Morris Rose stated, The company understands that immediate savings need to be shown in order to motivate the client to change over from outsourcing printing checks for business, payroll and supplier checks. While some feel that the initial investments are too many, tries to show the savings that can be obtained are real.

The check and envelope package deal has been offered at various levels. One of the deals includes 100 business checks along with 50 check envelopes and 25 deposit slips. The other consists of 300 checks for business, 75 check envelopes and 50 QuickBooks deposit slips. The third and largest volume offer includes 700 business checks, 200 check envelopes and 100 QuickBooks deposit slips. knows that all business checks are not mailed and therefore there are some that do not need envelopes."

Not only are these package deals cheaper if one was to go and purchase separately, these are also extremely convenient for all. These deals and packages have been created in such a manner that the check envelopes match the checks that are being ordered. This means that an order business checks includes the check envelopes that shall be required for sending the checks over to the stakeholders. The checks slip into the envelopes easily. Some of the deals have double window envelopes that obviate the need for printing the recipients address or the senders. makes these package deals even more professional and elegant by printing the company logo on the check and the envelope too. The image that this presents is extremely suave, enabling the company to make an impression every time. As company officials point out, this is in keeping with the other business check launches that have especially been designed to elevate company image. also released a set of starter kits to help new customers get started in the process. These starter kits help clients to print business check without having issues with starting. These starter kits include different kinds of business checks, check envelopes, manual deposit slips and an endorsement stamp too. The starter kit prices start at $ 99.99 and go up to $ 209.99 depending on the number of checks that are included.

With the release of these new business checks, also has a discount offer that is running currently. This offer includes a 20 percent discount on all check orders. This offer is open for all new checking accounts. The offer for free check envelopes along with business checks is also open to the first time customer. is making sure that there is nothing that keeps a new customer from trying out the online store given the luring and attractive package deals and price offerings. had announced earlier that the company has devised a new strategy to ensure dominance in the online business printing arena. The company seems to be persevering with the strategy that has developed, indicating that the interim results have been positive and encouraging. The manner in which this strategy spans out in other product categories is yet to be seen and will probably dictate the overall success of the firm in the next few months to come. However, competition seems to have noticed the surge in The need for to move fast may have approached if the company wants to avoid counter attack.

To get more information about the great deals and discounts that offers on business and computer checks look up or call the company at 1-888-246-0635. Get the latest news from the blog or follow the company at Twitter at PrintEZPrint, like PrintE-Z at FaceBook at, share the link with Google Plus at, and get regular updates of new offers and deals here.

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