Zhongtian Lighting Launches LED Tube Series

(PRWEB) September 23, 2012

In order to optimize the structure of products and expand market, Zhongtian Lighting launches the LED tube series. It contains T5, T8, T9, T10 series, including several models of each series. These lights can meet all kinds of requirements of customers and enrich the housing decoration.

All LED tube lights adopts high quality materials to manufacture. LED chips are adopted Epistar possessing the proprietary intellectual property rights, adopting the combination of extensional growth technique of graphical sapphire substrate and ITO transparent conductive layer chip technology to show the superiority of product performance, especially of the low-power chip in brightness, stability and service life span.

In the white LED lighting industry, the luminous efficiency and color rendering index are two major property advantages. Under the condition of the same input voltage and power, the higher luminous efficiency the chip gets the higher luminance as well. When the color temperature of related white light is 3000K, its CRI can reach 80 and its luminous efficiency exceed 90lm per watt. The luminous efficiency is about 20 lumens higher than ordinary chips.

The transparent, frosted or striped PC covers and 6030 aluminum are adopted to manufacture the LED tube lights. The special photo diffusion PC materials with diffusion rate of 99% and light transmission rate of 86-93% are used for LED light shade. It distributes evenly without crystal point and its luminance is 2 times higher than traditional shades.

In addition, these tubes have many advantages. It is available for wide input voltage ranging from 56VAC to 650VAC. It is stable and reliable with high efficiency, strong interference resistance. It is easy to install and transport with small volume, light weigh and simple peripheral circuit design. It is widely used in meeting rooms, restaurants, office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, airports, subway, station, garage, hotel, home, hospital, library and teaching buildings and other indoor lighting.

Zhongtian Lighting will keep researching and developing, try to introduce more good products to customers in the near future.

For more information, please visit http://www.ztlights.com/.

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