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London, UK (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

The demand for pianos has been on the rise recently, fueled by the growing disposable income of consumers. The main production units are located in Europe and Asia. Driven by the globalization, many companies tend to move their piano manufacturing facilities to Asian countries, which is explained by the lower labor costs and prices for raw materials in the region.

China is the major contributor to the world piano output. In 2011, Chinese companies manufactured more than 350,000 pianos. By the end of 2012 the figure is likely to increase to 362,800. The market in China is highly concentrated: six leading producers account for more than 72% of the total country pianos output. The USA is the largest consumer of Chinese pianos amid more than 90 importing countries.

New research report Global and China Piano Industry Report, 2011-2012 worked out by ResearchInChina has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Global and China Piano Industry Report, 2011-2012

Published: March, 2012

Pages: 78

Price: US$ 1,900.00


The report provides comprehensive analysis of the piano industry development globally with a focus on China. The study provides a wealth of information on the main export and import trends, major consumer groups, top manufacturers, trade barriers and competitive landscape of the market. The Chinas piano industry is also examined in the context of the overall Chinese musical instrument industry. The research report is supplemented with production and sales volumes data. Furthermore, the report provides the investment analysis and development forecast of the piano industry in China.

Some of the major companies discussed in the study include: Yamaha Corporation; Roland DG Corporation; Steinway & Sons; Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group; Ningbo Hailun Piano Co., Ltd; Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Co., Ltd; Shanghai Piano Co., Ltd; Kawai Musical Instruments (Ningbo) Co., Ltd; etc.

Report Contents:



1.1 Definition & Classification

1.2 Key Structure

1.3 Development Course


2.1 Status Quo

2.1.2 USA and Japan

2.1.2 Europe

2.2 Competition Pattern

2.3 Industry Barrier

2.4 Dynamics

2.4.1Transfer of Piano Manufacturing to China

2.4.2 Attention on Brand Trademark and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights


3.1 Overview

3.2 Production and Sales Volume

3.3 Competition Pattern

3.4 Import & Export

3.5 Price Analysis

3.6 Major Consumer Groups

3.7 Problems and Suggestions


4.1 Policies

4.2 Current Development

4.3 Operation

4.3.1 Sales

4.3.2 Profit

4.3.3 Assets

4.4 Profitability

4.4.1 Loss Making

4.4.2 Return on Sales

4.4.3 Ratio of Profits to Cost

4.5 Operation of Segmented Musical Instruments

4.5.1 Violin

4.5.2 Ethnic Musical Instrument

4.5.3 Western Wind Instrument

4.5.4 Percussion

4.5.5 Guitar


5.1Yamaha Corporation

5.1.1 Profile

5.1.2 Operation

5.1.3 Development in China

5.2 Roland DG Corporation

5.2.1 Profile

5.2.2 Operation

5.2.3 Development in China

5.3 Steinway & Sons

5.3.1 Profile

5.3.2 Operation

5.4 Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group

5.4.1 Profile

5.4.2 Operation

5.4.3 Development Strategy

5.5 Ningbo Hailun Piano Co., Ltd

5.5.1 Profile

5.5.2 Operation

5.5.3 Development Strategy

5.6 Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Co., Ltd

5.6.1 Profile

5.6.2 Operation

5.7 Shanghai No.1 Ethnic Musical Instrument Plant

5.7.1 Profile

5.7.2 Operation

5.8 Shanghai Piano Co., Ltd

5.8.1 Profile

5.8.2 Operation

5.9 Kawai Musical Instruments (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

5.9.1 Profile

5.9.2 Operation

5.10 Tianjin Jinbao Musical Instruments Co., Ltd

5.10.1 Profile

5.10.2 Operation

5.11 Yichang Jinbao Musical Instruments

5.11.1 Profile

5.11.2 Operation

5.12 Qingdao Sejung Musical Instrument Co., Ltd

5.12.1 Profile

5.12.2 Operation

5.13 Zhejiang Orient Piano Co., Ltd

6.13.1 Profile

6.13.2 Operation

5.14 Hangzhou GOODWAY Piano Co., Ltd

5.14.1 Profile

5.14.2 Operation

5.15 Shanghai Eurasian Piano Company

5.15.1 Profile

5.15.2 Operation

5.15.3 Dynamics


6.1 Outlook for Investment

6.2 Future Development

6.2.1 Development Prediction of Piano Manufacturing in China

6.2.3 Digital Piano as a development Tendency

6.2.3 Piano Consumption in China will be turned towards Medium and High-end Markets


Distribution of Global Piano Output , 2010 & 2012

Piano Output and Number of Piano Companies in Major Countries, 2009-2012

Number of Pianos per 100 Urban Households in China , 2000-2012

Piano Output of China, 2005-2012

Output of Major Piano Manufacturers in China, 2010

China’s Piano Export Volume, 2005-2012

Prices Offered by Major Piano Brands in China, 2004-2012

Instrument Consumption by Field, 2011

Policies for China Musical Instrument Industry, 2007-2011

Total Industrial Output Value of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2008-2012

Operating Revenue of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Total Profit of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Number of Companies in China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Total Assets of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Number of Loss-making Companies in China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Total Losses of Loss-making Companies in China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Sales Margin of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Ratio of Profits to Cost of China Musical Instrument Manufacturing, 2005-2012

Yamahas Sales (by Product), FY2007-2011

Yamahas Sales (by Region), FY2007-2011

Operating Revenue and Total Profit of Hangzhou Yamaha, 2007-2009

ROLANDs Net Sales (by Region and by Product), FY2011

ROLANDs Net Sales and Operating Income in Electronic Musical Instruments, FY2010-2011

ROLANDs Net Sales in Guitar-related Equipment , FY2010-2011

ROLANDs Net Sales in Household Electronic Musical Instruments, FY2010-2011

ROLANDs Net Sales in Professional Audio & Video and Computer Music Device, FY2010-2011

Rolands Operating Revenue and Total Profit, 2007-2009

Operating Revenue and Operating Income of Steinway & Sons, 2008-2011

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