Photographer Ellen Fisch Speaks at Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, NYC (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

Architectural art Photographer Ellen Fisch has been lecturing extensively about photography during her many years as a professional. On November 13, 2012, Fischs talk at the Brooklyn Colleges Institute for Retirees in Pursuit of Education, IRPE, will focus on the ways that both amateur and professional photographers can improve their skills in getting a great photograph. The talk is part of IRPEs Intellectual Life Series.

Great photos are frequently captured by chance. However, photographers who consistently take inspiring shots have a backlog of information that they intuitively call upon when they are behind the camera lens, says Fisch. She maintains that the knowledge about photographic and artistic techniques and technical know-how provide the foundation for elevating a snapshot to a work of art.

When IRPE Coordinator Madeleine Appell approached Photographer Ellen Fisch about speaking at Brooklyn College, Fisch was delighted. Fisch earned her B.A. at Brooklyn College where she majored in photography and architectural drawing with an art minor. Madeleine Appell, herself a respected and renowned fine art quilter, is known for booking exceptional speakers for the IRPE programs and arranging excellent art shows through IRPE as well.

The topic of The Art of Photography: Getting Great Photographs is one that Ellen Fisch has blogged and written white papers about for a number of years. Many consider photography the new kid in the art field, but photography goes back hundreds of years, remarks Fisch. The Camera Lucida was known in Renaissance times and written about by Leonardo da Vinci in his journals. There are many magnificent photographs from the mid 19th century and early 20th centuries that explore art in manners similar to painting, says Fisch. Examples of photographers who created artistic works are many, such as Atget, Man Ray, and Ansel Adams.

Todays photographers have enormous capabilities with the use of modern technology. In her talk at Brooklyn College, Fisch will describe the advantages of Digital Photography, but touch on the film hold-outs as well. The computer, digital and film camera gear, techniques of using different software and other aspects of modern and traditional photographic methods will also be discussed. The all-important shoot is one of the main topics Fisch will address. I always have a camera with me for that marvelous spontaneous shot, says Fisch. She will also divulge what she takes with her on a professional camera shoot. Numerous aesthetic fundamentals, such as values, composition and tonality will also be focal points of the talk.

Photography is often an immediate reaction to an experience, says Photographer Ellen Fisch. She notes that photography, as an art form is a means of expressing the emotions of the photographer to the viewer. Moreover, the photographer creates images that tell a story about the photographers orientation towards life, society and art that are unique to the person behind the lens. Art is the ways in which humans communicate their ideas. Photography is part of the art of communication.

ABOUT: Ellen Fisch specializes in black and white and sepia photography that is artistically expressive, historically relevant and timeless.

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