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More People Switching to Mac Then Ever Before?

(PRWEB) September 12, 2006

So how many people are Switching to Mac and how will this effect Apple's Market share? Our indications show that as much as 75% of all new Mac sales are PC Switchers, people who are Switching to Mac. Since Mac users are one of the most product loyal in the industry we can comfortably state that almost all Mac users will inevitably purchase another Mac when they are in the market for a new computer. PC Switchers would then account for 3 out 4 new Mac sales potentially quadrupling Apple's market-share over the long term.

So why are people Switching to Mac?

Is it because of the lack of Viruses, Spyware and Security Risks on the robust Mac OS X operating system? Maybe it's the eye catching, stylish and trend setting products that are drawing new customers to the Mac? Are people Switching to Mac because they wanted the ultimate iPod accessory, a Mac! Could it be the very competitive pricing and diverse product line that seems to have the perfect model for every? Is it Apple's very user friendly yet powerful and integrated ilIfe '06 digital lifestyle suite of applications for all of your digital media projects? Another possible draw is Apple's move to Intel as their choice of CPU for the entire computer line? Could it be that all new Intel based Mac's can also run Windows XP just like a PC making the Mac the only retail computer capable of running any OS and any software wether it be Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, or various Windows flavors?

With all of these major drawing features it's no wonder why Apple is seeing a huge wave of new customers Switching to Mac! After all why not get a Mac, it may be the best PC you ever owned...

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