Dating Online? Use the RealHelp App for Extra Protection

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

The RealHelp App can connect users to all of their friends when a date starts to get creepy.

The RealHelp App, built to protect users from rape, abuse, and more, can come in particularly handy for users of online dating. Online daters may be at more risk of incredibly awkward experiences than sexual assault. However, it never hurts to take precautions when meeting new people and possibly ending up alone with them. Of course, daters should always make sure that a few people know who theyll be with and where theyll be going ahead of any date; whether they met online or not. RealHelp is just one step of security over that. If the date does start to feel uncomfortable or somewhat unsafe, RealHelp is a great way to quickly and effectively call for help. With one swipe of a button a user can activate an alert that approximates their level of unease, between someone come get me right away, and listen in and monitor my situation. That alert is instantly broadcast to dozens of pre-selected friends and family members. Those that respond to the alert are taken to a page where they can see the broadcasters location, and hear everything happening around them. Once in alert mode the user can snap pictures that are shared with everyone in the session, and even chat with other RealHelp users in an in-session chat. That RealHelp Alert can take the user from being alone and uneasy to being watched over by dozens of friends very quickly. Whether it results in a friend just happening to show up and interrupt the date, the users friends paying attention to make sure that nothing goes wrong until the user is safely home, or the user using back off, Ive got 30 friends listening in, and I dont want you walking me to my car; all of those options are better than facing the situation alone.

A major key to its effectiveness is how discreet RealHelp can be. An alert can be triggered as fast as it takes to open the app and swipe the alert button on the home page. Since RealHelp is funded through user donations, theres no ad server to slow it down. More importantly, the entire alert activation process is silent. Once on, locking the phone doesnt stop the app from continuing to broadcast audio and location updates. So a user can quietly trigger an alert with about as much action as reading an incoming text message, lock the phone, set it on the table, and wait for a friend to show up. The bad date need not know that anything is amiss.

Unlike other emergency services, RealHelp only requires that the user feels uncomfortable before he or she triggers an alert. Whereas 911 might not accept creeped out as a reason to send the police, a users friends are generally willing to see him or her through what the user deems to be a troubling situation. Theres also no burden of proof needed to fire off an alert. A RealHelp Alert isnt an accusation. Since it broadcasts and records the audio of the event, its only as damning as what it records. An audio recording of a very awkward conversation isnt going to hurt the person being recorded, and everyone can laugh at it later. A recording of threats, abuse, and violence could very well haunt an abusive individual for the rest of his or her life. The consequences of triggering a RealHelp Alert are very much proportional to what happens after the alert has been set. Were hoping that the fact that a RealHelp Alert is in session will transform some would-be rapists and abusers into perfect gentlemen. People who are surrounded by people who care about them arent often the victims of assault or abuse, and thats the effect that wed like the RealHelp App to have. explains RealHelps founder, James Medina.

RealHelp is available free in the iTunes App Store, but in-app donations are appreciated. It can provide a great way for online daters to reach out to everyone who might help them all at once. Of course, its much more effective when they also make a point to tell friends where theyll be, who theyll be with, and when they should be expected to check in.

About The RealHelp App

The RealHelp App heads off potential emergency situations by instantly notifying dozens of preselected friend and broadcasting audio, location, and pictures to them in real time. RealHelp is available fully featured and free for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store. Its supported through in-app donations by RealHelp users. RealHelp is ad-free since ad servers would slow down the app. Theres a graphic guide to how it works here: How RealHelp Works, and plenty more information at

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