DAISY Consortium Invites You To Participate In Learning Inclusive Publishing Practices

Missoula, MT (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

The blending of EPUB and DAISY specifications supports the needs of the DAISY Consortium to attend to the accessibility challenges that digital materials can create if not addressed at the development and production stage. EPUB 3 incorporates sophisticated support for TTS (computer-generated synthetic speech), as well as Math Markup Language (MathML) for effectively rendering mathematics in an accessible manner. It also includes support for Scaled Vector Graphics (SVG) which can be used to create layered and navigable versions of images with embedded text equivalents, offering a significant boost to the production of tactile graphics.

An informative two hour session at the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair A New Market: Accessible e-Books in Mainstream Channels on October 10th, 2012 at 10:00 am will explain the new opportunities and advances in Inclusive Publishing. It will be jointly hosted by EDItEUR and Libri Italiani Accessibili (LIA).

Speakers include:

Cristina Mussinelli (AIE) speaking on the LIA project

Daniel Weck (DAISY) speaking on EPUB 3 and accessibility

Robin Seaman (Benetech) speaking on DIAGRAM

Graham Bell (EDItEUR) speaking on Metadata for accessible products

Chris Rogers (Penguin) Publisher’s perspective.

On October 11, 2012 at 2:30 pm, IDPF and Frankfurt Academy will host an in-depth technical workshop HTML5 and EPUB 3: Digital Books Beyond Digitized Text featuring practical opportunities and tackling challenges publishers face when creating and delivering complex and enhanced e-books via HTML5 and EPUB 3. The expert speakers will include Hachette Livre Head of Digitization Luc Audrain, DAISY Consortium Software Architect Daniel Weck, and IDPF Executive Director Bill McCoy.

The 3-hour afternoon program will start with overviews of HTML5 and EPUB 3, including information on how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to incorporate fixed-layout and interactivity features into e-books accessibility capabilities. Best practices, real-world publisher workflows, tools, and enhanced / interactive eBooks will also be covered.

When an EPUB 3 book is published, it can be accessible from the point of publication. The Frankfurt Book Fair will provide several informative sessions that will help publishers discover new opportunities.

The DAISY Consortium is a global consortium of organizations committed to a common vision and mission, which pools and coordinates resources to deliver global change. We work towards creating the best way to read and publish.

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