Computer School for Boomers & Seniors Announces New Partner Program in Time for Christmas

Plano, TX (PRWEB) November 14, 2012 is a virtual campus that offers the largest selection of online computer Lesson Plans created specifically for Boomers and Seniors. CS4Seniors is offering free enrollments as a part of their Partner Program just in time for Christmas.

Online students may now enroll in the new CS4Seniors Partner Program and also enroll another persona parenta grandparenta friend…a spousea sona daughterfor free. Learning how to get connected with friends and family via the Internet is a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Microsoft and AARP recently conducted a report called Connecting Generations (Feb.2012). They found that respondents in all surveyed age groups cite staying in touch with friends and family they do not see regularly as their number one reason for using social networking sites in general (67%). This includes solid majorities of those age 39-58 (66%) and age 59-75 (56%).

Mimi Witcher, Co-Founder of Computer School for Boomers & Seniors said, Now is a great time to learn how to share your love, share your thoughts and share your photos. The former Teacher of the Year at a Community College in Dallas, TX went on to say, This is an opportunity for a tech savvy son or daughter to help their parents or grandparents learn how to get connected and stay connected.

“Our objective in introducing the Partner Program is to help our students team-up and learn with a spouse, a close friend or relative regardless of age in order to enrich their lives. Exploring the world together via a computer and the Internet is a fun thing to do.

Computer School for Boomers & Seniors empowers their students by providing encouragement, lifelong learning opportunities and new worlds to explore via the Internet. To learn more about the Free Partner Program that provides over 400 online computer Lesson Plans for about 10 cents a day tuition, tour the campus at

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