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Acrosser Provides One of the Latest High Performance Fan-Less Products

(PRWEB) August 30, 2006

Reliability is what is on the minds of manufacturers and their end customers, who depend on their products to perform 24 hours a day continuously, with limited monitoring. However, whenever moving parts are involved, there is always the possibility of mechanical breakdown, which can cause serious problems in the field.

Failing CPU fans, whose investment is insignificant compared to the total investment of the system, can cause irreparable damages. Acrosser is at the forefront in reliability and has taken measures to address these concerns regarding mission critical systems. Acrosser provides a couple dozen fan-less embedded PC solutions which range from 386 processing to the latest and fastest in x86 technology. With a variety of form factors to choose from, manufacturers can have the flexibility to work with several possible off-the-shelf options, rather than considering customized products that have long design cycles.

One of the latest high performance fan-less products Acrosser current provides:


‧A Half-size Celeron-M 600MHz fan-less embedded board.

‧Four RS-232 and six USB 2.0 ports for numerous I/O connectivity and high speed bus communication.

‧Use stand-alone or with a PCI backplane for additional I/O expansion.

‧Lead-free manufacturing for RoHS Compliance.

‧Software programmable Watch Dog timer

With this combination, Acrosser is able to deliver a fan-less and heavily functional industrial PC solution for applications that require processing horsepower with reliable, continuous operation.

Acrosser is an ISO-9001 certified embedded platform service provider in OEM/ODM, manufacturing high-quality, high-performance embedded products since 1988.

Acrosser provides embedded computer products to clients in a wide array of industries, including Kiosk, gaming, industrial, networking, security, imaging and medical.

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