$500 Off in Free Accessories on a Custom Built Segway Until December First

(PRWEB) October 20, 2012

Segway of Oakland, http://www.segwayofoakland.com is offering $ 500 in free accessories with the purchase of a new Segway during the month of October and November. Plus, Free Delivery and Lessons for most Northern California locations.

Segway of Oakland is the only authorized Segway dealer in the East Bay, so they have the newest and most original Segways built to any configuration one can find on Segway’s website at Segway.com. Simply give Segway of Oakland a call and they’ll build a Segway to exact specifications, and because they’re an authorized dealer, customers are assured of the most recent software release and registration directly with Segway. Segway of Oakland gives you the highest level of assurance and integrity because they supply all original Segway merchandise with the newest available components.

As with any high-tech machine, customers want the newest model and the newest release. With Segway of Oakland’s free delivery of a made-to-order Segway, customers get the highest assurance of original and new equipment. These unique machines offer technology that no other vehicle offers.

The unique operation of the Segway personal transporter means that it can take some getting used to. New riders have to learn how to turn it on, how to get on, and how to ride safely. The Segway’s unique operation means that new riders need some instruction just to get the basics needed to control a completely different vehicle. Segway of Oakland provides free lessons and private instruction along with the free delivery so it’s a great way to get started with the Segway in a private setting.

Further, all of the instructors at Segway of Oakland are factory certified, with experience in training all types of Segway users from recreational users to security, as well as many other specialized applications. With experienced training guides, Segway of Oakland can get new people up and riding quickly and safely in the comfort of their own driveway, yard, adjacent park or other area, or commercial property.

The Segway PT is a high tech vehicle that is super efficient. The Segway is so small that it uses just pennies in energy. It centers the rider’s weight directly over the wheels which maximizes energy transfer. It is super small and light so it does not take much energy to keep a Segway moving.

Most of all, the Segway is a fun way to travel very short distances. It takes a lot less effort than walking, but it takes a lot more effort than driving. Nothing else really has the same unique feel of gliding over the pavement. The Segway has great traction and it centers the rider in a balanced position, so it provides a unique feel that makes the Segway fun to ride.

To order a made-to-order Segway, or a Segway that has additional customization, call Segway of Oakland today at 1-888-8SEGWAY. The Segway PT is the most unique vehicle anywhere.

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