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Second Generation Entrepreneur Launches New Bay Area Startup

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

Eileen Laitinen may only be 24 years old, but this SFSU graduate is making a name for herself in the Bay Area's promising field of design start ups. Her new company, an independent design work space called Comfy Chair, is pleased to announce their official launch at the end of August. The business is designed to provide graphic designers and upcoming digital artists with much-needed design space, providing freelancers and indie developers with affordable and professional options that would typically be out of their price range.

While pursuing her own design career after college, Laitinen realized that many freelancers like herself were burdened by their lack of a professional design workspace. Working from home may be the dream of some professionals, but for graphic designers and artists who utilize powerful computers and design software on a daily basis, working without a workspace often spells a lack of productivity. Comfy Chair is furnished with high-powered computers and input technology for the varied needs of game designers, programmers, digital artists, and independent animators; and provides a workspace tailored to success at all times.

The workspace at Comfy Chair includes a customizable selection of fully licensed animation, artistic, and design software from leading developers. In addition to private spaces, the business also offers classroom environments, group conferences and meetings, and practically any other permutation of available space to fit the specific needs of their clients.

The company even provides a massage chair, small 3D printer, and contact information for legal and business resources to enhance their customers' experience. The space itself is designed to balance relaxation with invigoration, alternating its color schemes and design to keep things interesting and inspiring for the worker's eyes.

About the company:

Comfy Chair Offers Shared Workspace for Graphic Artists and Digital Designers. While work and projects can be completed at home, in digital environments, or even at a coffee shop, many find having a professional work space imperative to productivity as well as cultivating contacts and clients. What makes this work space unique is who it targets; they give animators, game designers, and digital artists some of the needed tools to successfully complete projects and market themselves. The target customers are start-up companies that specialize in digital arts, animation, and game design. These are people who are serious about their projects and businesses and have already endeavored to secure funds and establish their plans of action. Take a moment to calculate how much you spend on coffee or how much time you lose on home distractions. Let us give you a space to work that is tailored to productivity. For more information visit their website at

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