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Robot Vacuums to Challenge the Role of Domestic Maids

Singapore (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

A Singapore company is helping to change attitudes to household chores with the launch of an innovative new range of robot cleaners.

The cutting-edge technology and affordable pricing of the My Genie automated vacuum range is helping to challenge the traditional role of domestic maids in the home.

They are designed to be a cost-effective solution for busy professionals who may struggle to the find time for household cleaning.

Sales of these kinds of robot vacuum have been booming in Europe and the USA and supplier, OneStopHub, say that Singapore is starting to follow the trend.

The MyGenie vacuums automatically clean and disinfect a propertys floors while the owner is away at work. Each of the models in the range has been designed to suit the needs of different households.

A spokesman for OneStopHub, said: These devices were once seen as something for the rich but with prices dropping and technology improving they are now becoming accessible to everyone.

Over the next few years there is going to be a fundamental shift in the way we use technology to maintain our homes. Robot vacuums may not completely replace the use of domestic maids, but its certainly going to reduce our reliance on them.

They represent a much more cost-effective and efficient way to keep the home clean and will become an everyday part of our lives. Its already happening in Europe with people treating them more like pets than machines, giving them special names and decorating them in different styles.

The MyGenie range represents the next generation of robot cleaners with a whole raft of unique features. The AP740 model does not just clean floors but uses ultra-violet light. It also emits organic fragrances, made from seaweed, to hygienically freshen the air environment.

MyGenie AP740 has a breakthrough feature that makes it the first robot cleaner to have a disposable bin box which offers a hassle-free and hygienic way to rid the messy dust and dust mites in the bin compartment.

There is a selection of 4-colour range, Pink Red, Black and Red to even match the home deco.

Top of the range is the MyGenie X500, which reacts to voice commands, and self-adjusts its suction power to the type of floor environment and cleaning requirement. To support Green, it is designed to save up to 30% of energy power without compromising on efficiency. In fact, it is powerful and is a league on its own, Smart and Elegant. Colours are mirror finished in Black or Red.

It can identify dirt hotspots on a floor which need closer attention. When the battery level becomes low on the devices, the robots cleverly return to their docking station to recharge, before continuing with their duties. Double Hepa filters against very fine dust. Ultra cleaning capabilities help to prevent dust and dustmite allergens that may trigger asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, skin rashes, etc.

Many household would require a helpful aid in the cleaning chores, the basic robot K6 would fit the bill. It vacuums and mops hard floor surfaces. This is goodness packed and condensed into a mini robot. Compact yet packed with good features like relatively good power, use of electrostatic dust paper to pick up hairs and dust. The microfiber cloth mop is the added ability to clean wet surfaces. There are 2 side brushes for cleaning edges.

Design is cute yet elegant. Highly recommended for SOHO, Studio and hostel living.

One of the major advantages robot cleaners have over humans is their ability to access confined areas, which are inaccessible to conventional vacuums or mops. The disc design allows them to easily clean the underneath beds, sofas and tables.

For more information or YouTube videos about My Genies new range of robotic cleaners, they are available here:



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