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New York Law Firm Supports Charities in Santo Domingo

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Recently, the founder of the New York law firm, The Portela Law Firm, P.C., Manuel Portela, travelled to Santo Domingo, of the Dominican Republic to gain more knowledge about two particular charities and to show his economic support for these charities that are in desperate need of financial support. In an effort to support Minerva Saint Hilarie, and Jose Samboy in their endeavors to open a technology school in one of the most impoverished districts located in Cristo Rey, Santo Domingo, Mr. Portela travelled abroad to learn more about how he could help.

Up until recently, Mr. Portelas previous trips were for tourism; however, thanks to Minerva and Jose, this particular visit offered more meaning and insight into the disparity of the wealth and the hardships that are endured every day by the poor in Santo Domingo and the surrounding communities.

Minerva Saint Hilarie has been a strong supporter and advocate of The Portela Law Firm, and the firm is contracted to provide legal services to Con Minerva SOS Productions, Corp. Minerva is a production company that runs the firms commercials at no extra cost on two channels for the uptown office: cable station 35, and Super Canal Caribe. The firms commercials run several times throughout the day and are extremely helpful in getting the firms name out to the Hispanic public. The firm also runs an additional legal segment on the show. There are a number of Hispanics and Dominicans that live in New York City that watch these stations, and the firm thereby stands by its commitment to support Con Minerva SOS Productions, Corp and their efforts to help those less fortunate.

Minerva and Jose Samboy made a decision to dedicate part of their busy schedules and weekly shows to coordinate events and raise much needed funds for the poor living in the Dominican Republic. Through their efforts they have raised money for hospitals that provide free medical services to poor families, as well as to orphanages and schools. Their most recent endeavor was to open a privately funded technology school for children, and all of the boys and girls that attend this girl have never had the opportunity to use a personal computer.

This technology school that was named after Minerva will be the first of many schools that they intend to open for underprivileged children whose families cannot afford a private education, and for those families who dont have a public school education available to them, or for those families where the public school system has failed them. Whats more, the children that attend this school will not have to pay tuition if their family cannot afford it, and for those parents who can afford some tuition, they will be able to pay at a rate that is more affordable.

The Portela Law Firm recently donated two computers to the new school which makes a total of thirty computers donated by various philanthropists. The firms donation sends a strong message to the Dominican community of New York City with close familial ties to the Dominican Republic. The office wants the individuals and small business that have patronized their firm to know that the firm desires to give back to the Dominican Community; they accomplish this by showing their support to the children back in the Dominican Republic who would benefit from their contributions. The Dominican Community of New York City happens to be one of the largest Hispanic groups in New York City, and The Portela Law Firm continues to appreciate their patronage.

During Manuel Portelas visit to Santo Domingo, he had the privilege of accompanying Minerva, Jose, Dr. Felix Antonio Cruz-Jiminian, and a notable philanthropist by the name of Ramon Alvarez to an orphanage in a rural area on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. All of the children living in this orphanage were under twelve years old and all were born with birth defects, and hopelessly abandoned by their birth parents. One young boy had been set on fire in hopes that he would die so his mother wouldnt have to care for a child with a birth defect. The disfigured boy will have to live the rest of his life with permanent scars that will never erase with time.

Another child was left inside of a plastic bag to die. Mr. Portela personally observed children with legs that could not sustain the weight of their bodies due to a birth defect, and he saw other children with oversized heads. These disfigured and disabled children were brought to the orphanage where they are being cared for by a loving elderly couple, and the childrens medicine is donated by United States, South American, and Israeli pharmaceutical companies. The orphanage relies on private contributions to help provide food, shelter and clothing for these children whose lives will never be normal compared to our standards.

Minerva Saint Hillarie and Jose Samboy are collecting donations through Con Minerva SOS Productions, Corp. The production company collects $ 10 in monthly donations for the orphanage from people living and working in the United States. Currently, the monthly contributions that are being collected are $ 1,001.00. However, on behalf of The Portela Law Firm and the clients that patronized the firm, the firms founder Manuel Portela gladly made the commitment to contribute $ 200.00 per a month, making the total contributions $ 1,201.00 per a month to the orphanage. The firms $ 2400.00 donation for the year is a small donation; however, it is expected to go a long way at the orphanage.

Before Mr. Portela made this financial commitment, he wanted to learn more about the charities first-hand and meet with the coordinators in person. Due to the fact that Portela knew Minerva and Jose for a number of years, his gut feeling was that these were two very worthy causes that the firm would be proud to support. All contributions are overseen by Minerva Saint Hilaire, Jose Samboy, and Dr. Cruz Jiminian directly.

After meeting with these remarkable individuals personally, Mr. Portela is confident that the money will neither be misused or misspent. Dr. Cruz-Jiminian owns and operates the hospital that provides free medical services to the poor in Santo Domingo, and some of the patients to his hospital travel from rural areas to receive his treatment. Dr. Cruz-Jiminian personally consults with approximately 500 patients in desperate need of medical help with the assistance of 7 dedicated doctors. Dr. Cruz-Jiminians typical day begins at 5:00 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. All of the free medicine that he distributes is donated to the hospital and is free of cost to the patients.

Attorney Portela had the special honor of witnessing Minerva in a very different light with very different objectives, it wasnt another Hollywood filming; she strictly reserves it for the people of New York City and those that have close family ties to the Dominican Republic.

The Portela Law Firm is excited about supporting these two valuable charities and looks forward to making a difference in the lives of many children in need. If anyone would like to make a donation to either of these two charities, please contact their office. The Portela Law Firm is an immigration defense firm with three offices located in New York, New York and Jackson Heights, New York. The firm offers a variety of legal services in the areas of criminal defense including aggravated felonies, violent crimes, drug crimes and others. The firm also offers a broad range of litigation services in the field of immigration, commercial law, family law and personal injury. To contact the firm please call (212) 577-9312, or go online at The firm is proud to offer both English and Spanish speaking services to its clientele.

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