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Hey Dad: The Smile Collective thinks youre a Fantastic Parent Too

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) August 18, 2012

Perth blogger and mum of one, Kelly Exeter, has an important message for the dads of the world youre not the same as a mum, and thats just how it should be.

With fathers day around the corner, Kelly wanted to celebrate the unique and special relationship dads have with their kids, so she wrote and designed A Manifesto for Dads ( The beautiful typographical print includes many tips and reminders for dads, including make sure you tell them bad jokes in front of their friends.

Dads are often the forgotten ones in the whole parenting caper, she says.

But they bring different things to the table that are just as important as those the mum brings.

Kelly is particularly keen to give new dads their due.

When a newborn comes home, the dads tend to get a bit forgotten in the fuss over the new mother and baby.

But as we all know, dads are every bit as crucial in shaping their kids lives.

There are no rules to parenting, we all just kind of stumble along and there is no such thing as a perfect mum or dad. I hope my manifesto gives dads permission to be themselves.

Graphic designer and writer Kelly started The Smile Collective blog to put a smile on peoples faces and provide inspiration.

She is now on a mission to create a manifesto a week until Christmas.

With both a designers eye and a writers way with words, Kelly has the skill to ensure her manifestos stand out from the competition.

They all feature original words by me and hopefully convey a message that is both inspiring and nurturing. They also have a unique style, somewhere between bus roll print and true typography, she says.

I truly love producing these manifestos because they allow me to combine my two passions writing and design. The fact that they can also brighten peoples day is a very special bonus.

While available all-year round, the Manifesto for Dads would make a perfect fathers day gift. And for those fathers at the older end of the spectrum, there is A Manifesto for Grandfathers ( as well!

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