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Heard of or Seen the Movie Dodge Ball? This is the True Internet Underdog Story of HasCoupons.Com

Clarkston, MI (PRWEB) August 19, 2012

Conception- C.E.O. John Chalmers had a vision of saving his close friends and family money, but how was the question. After spending a few months studying the success of coupons sites he decided to develop his own. He then spent a month of brain storming with late night phone calls to best friend and Vice President of Operations, Rick Miller.

A Light switched on In C.E.O. Chalmers head and was born.

He realized that there is no lack of coupon sites but its more difficult to find the right one.

Development- With no one to turn to or investors they embarked on a long difficult journey to build, market, and gain access to the thousands of coupon codes on the web. With no funding the dream was sure to die and die fast before they even got off the think tank floor.

The two of them decided to take on extra jobs to fund the dream, working 80 hours a week pouring their own hard earned money into believing in their idea with passion and desire.

By July 1st there website was complete. The 12 months of struggling and second guessing was all a bad nightmare. They already had over 1,000 visitors per day with no advertisements, and no promotion, their dreams were becoming a reality.

Why will people visit?

The first reason people should visit is that the website is esthetically and graphically pleasing with easy to locate top retailers. The duo's constant drive and desire to win attitudes seem like a platform for them to grow and evolve within this industry.

They are making it easier to find a consolidated coupon source online, for a constant growing customer base. The Duo's outlook is that once a consumer visits and saves money, they will be back to ensure that they save money on future online purchases.

Secondly, they are easy to find online, a simple Google search for "who has coupons" or "Has Coupons" shows the site at the number one position. They really have a technical sense about them. With the constant growth of online shopping, its prevalent that there website name alone will drive hundreds of thousands of users to the site. On top of this, they have coupons for every company and big box store that is needed.

How has this changed them?

From the outside looking in, its apparent that the overnight success to them is still surreal.

It's the classic average Joes seeking the American dream based on hard work, desire, and a passion.

It is the epitome of the overnight success story.

At they don't seem to feel quite at home with their success yet but it is obvious that they are a growing force within this industry.

What deals should Customer look for?

There are too many great deals on to select one or two best deals to point out.

With deals on retailers from Kohls, Target, Finish line, etc Any of their customers will find a great deal.

There is over 3,300 retailers to choose from, how anyone could go wrong, people will come shop and save their hard earned cash at

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