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Mobile Media Millions Review- Now or Never for Internet Marketing?

(PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Mobile Media Millions is a training and software platform which purports to offer users a method and system upon which to score consistent revenues by using a cell phone. Internet marketing has become extremely popular in recent times, and mobile marketing leaves the immobility of the standard computer in the dust with its innate quality of portability.

Writes John Taggart of, "I know I'm not alone in being a cell phone junkie. How do I know this? Because I have two eyes, and when they are not glued to my obnoxious phone they bear witness to everyone around me doing the same thing - punching phone buttons at ball games and practices, parking lots, stoplights, etc. We all use our phones like its our last chance to connect with civilization. Mobile Media Millions promises to help its users turn their phones into little money-making machines".

Taggart continues, "Meanwhile, don't we all complain about wanting to make more money at some point? And, haven't we all noticed, to some degree, how certain friends, family, or acquaintances seem to be "making money online"? How do they accomplish this? Affiliate marketing, aka online marketing, aka affiliate reselling, etc".

Because of mobile portability, mobile device marketing has stormed the arena to capture five times as much affiliate marketing volume as the cord-to-wall computer. The Mobile Media Millions logic continues, "so, what we know about conventional 'internet marketing' is apparently becoming fossilized, relatively speaking, because we spend tons more time on our phones than at the computer". Maybe this can be compared to a transition like DVD to Blue Ray?

A final note from Taggart: "As much time as we spend on our phones and because of the fact that we carry them EVERYWHERE, it only makes sense that those looking to "make money online" step up to the cutting edge of the affilate market and embrace the medium which is five times as effective as the computer, which had formerly been the convention".

In other words, mobile marketing is the new internet marketing, it seems.

Mobile Media Millions is one way to get started, fresh on the market as of September 20, 2012.

Mobile Media Millions enables affiliate marketers to tailor their internet marketing efforts to mobile device settings, effectively establishing a "portable" affiliate marketing business. Users will learn how to quickly and easily implement key fundamentals such as niche research, smart domain selection and hosting, effective sales methods, compilation of mobile numbers to which to sell, setting up cash funnels, attracting traffic, and setting up social media links.

The actual training comes by way of video demonstration, using a combination of graphics, screen shots, and verbal and written step-by-step instructions.

Also available (as upsells) are the Mobile Media Millions Pro Software, which automates and streamlines the entire process, and the Affiliate Cash Cloner, which integrates affiliate platforms (ex, Clickbank) while allowing the user to pull in articles and stagger-schedule postings.

All of these things and other periphery are available to subscribers in the MMM Members Area.

Beta-testing was very promising, per the Mobile Media Millions creators and beta users. Now, the honeymoon is over and the product is live.

Click here for the Mobile Media Millions website or HERE for the review. is a broad-sweeping review site, where author, editor, and person of many interests John Taggart shines the limelight on products of every persuasion. John has always been a bit of a Renaissance Man and seems to have a knack for nuance, so we suggest you tune in when he profiles a product for review!

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