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Wedbush Clean Technology and Industrial Growth Analysts Release Top Three Themes for Investors, Host Annual Management Access Conference

San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Wedbush Securities, one of the nations leading broker dealers and equity research firms, will host its annual Wedbush Clean Technology & Industrial Growth Management Access Conference in San Francisco on September 12 - 13, 2012. The conference connects Wedbushs institutional investing clients, including mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity investors and venture capitalists, with leading public and private clean technology and industrial growth organizations.

The event will address investment opportunities and provide insight on trends driving company performance through presentation tracks, small group meetings and a facilities tour of Xylem and Waste Management. A panel discussion on Water Supply Challenges in the New Economy will also take place, offering thoughts from industry leaders including Susan Sims, Executive Officer of the California Water Commission; Michael Carlin, Deputy General Manager and COO of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; and Khalil Maalouf, Managing Director of XPV Capital.

Ahead of the conference, Wedbushs Clean Technology and Industrial Growth Equity Research Analysts offer industry insight surrounding the Top Three Themes they believe investors should examine



Corus360 Announces Expansion of Advanced Technologies Division

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Corus360, an Atlanta-based technology solutions firm, is pleased to announce the expansion of their Advanced Technologies Division, a team dedicated to Data Center technologies and infrastructure solutions. As the Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Scott Rowe oversees the management and execution of Corus360s infrastructure and architecture solutions.

Increasingly, businesses are struggling to navigate an ever-changing, complex technology environment. They must integrate new technologies and applications with limited resources while improving how they store, protect and manage data, staying current on technology and security standards and closely managing both project timelines and costs. Corus360 is maintaining and enhancing their engineering talent to help organizations that are working on implementation projects and making technology investments. Their solutions architects and engineers are helping organizations plan, design, and implement infrastructure services and deliverables.

As organizations grow and shift focus, computing needs change and grow as well. Every organizations requirements are different and often rapidly changing, thus Infrastructure should be as flexible as the needs of the business. That may mean anything from moving only portions of services to Cloud based infrastructure to virtualizing everything from desktops to storage. Corus360 has partnered with industry leading technologies to deliver unrivaled performance, reliability, scalability and affordability. The divisions engineers and solutions architects are now equipped with the following certifications: Cisco Premier, EMC Affiliate Elite, Juniper Elite, Microsoft MCSE, CommVault, IBM Power and X Series, F5, Symantec, HP, Citrix, and Dell.

Scott Rowes experience and knowledge in infrastructure, solution architecture and professional services make him an invaluable asset to Corus360, said Corus 360s President, Steve Johnson. Corus360 continues to invest in engineering talent and has expanded services in remote locations Detroit, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Minneapolis, and Jacksonville.

About Corus360

Corus360 is a technology consulting and solutions company with more than 10 years of success delivering infrastructure solutions, recovery and consulting services that help organizations reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maximize productivity. We specialize in best of breed infrastructure solutions, IT management consulting, application development, Data Center technologies, disaster recovery, managed services, IT staffing and enterprise applications. For more information, visit


LawTech Europe Congress Draws Top Tier Sponsors

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Today LawTech Europe Congress names world renowned legal organizations as their sponsors for this years event being held in Prague in November. Leading electronic discovery, forensic and legal technology experts will share their overall inquest on international litigation strategies and forecasts.

We are pleased to have several highly respected organizations as a part of our inaugural LawTech Europe Congress 2012 event in Prague, said Frederick Gyebi-Ababio, managing director E-Discovery Europe and head advisor of the event. The sponsors support helps our team take this conference to the highest level of educational content and creates an overall optimal conference experience.


Founded in 1987, AccessData now has over 100,000 clients worldwide. Its leading technologies, including Summation and Forensic Toolkit (FTK), and its much sought after certification programs are used by law enforcement, law firms, corporations, and government agencies.


In order to provide its customers with high quality and comprehensive services, ANECT achieved the highest certification necessary to partner with the worlds largest companies. Their partners include Symantec, IBM, and Microsoft to name a few.

Apt Search

Apt Search and Selection are the UKs first recruitment specialists dedicated to the eDiscovery and litigation support sectors. It aims to become Europes top legal technology and litigation support recruitment partner.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE-CR)

With over 60,000 members, the ACFE is the worlds largest organization dedicated to combating fraud. Its members are located in more than 140 countries and investigate the more than 2 million cases of suspected fraud in civil and criminal cases.

Atlas Codexis


SuperSync 5 Syncs iTunes Libraries, adds Advanced iTunes Match Support

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

SuperSync today announced its SuperSync 5 now offers advanced iTunes Match support. SuperSync is the industry leading iTunes sync utility that enables users to visually compare, access sync, merge, remove duplicates, and backup their iTunes libraries across multiple Macintosh and Windows PCs, networks, hard drives, iPads, iPods, and iPhones.

iTunes support in SuperSync 5 helps users decide how to upgrade their tracks to the highest bit rate possible, remove iCloud duplicates, plus get more matches. SuperSync 5s all-new duplicate track removal tool identifies and recommends tracks that can be kept or removed from your iTunes library. SuperSync 5 also adds the ability to synchronize playlists faster with a single click.

"After 5 years of development, SuperSync is the most feature-rich iTunes utility on the market," noted Brad Lowe, president of SuperSync. "SuperSync 5 helps users merge, explore, and repair their libraries like never before. SuperSync 5 helps maximize iTunes Match results to get the highest quality tracks into their libraries."

Key SuperSync features include:

Merge and Compare Any two libraries

Access your library from anywhere. Get and place tracks and playlists over the Net!

Repair your library -- remove duplicates, find broken links, and add missing tracks

Explore your music with keystroke access to Pandora, iTunes Store, YouTube, and more

Maximize use of iTunes Match and iCloud

Current owners can upgrade SuperSync for free. Pricing for SuperSync 5 begins at just $ 22.95 for a 2-pak license. 5-pak ($ 27.95) and 10-pak ($ 33.95) licenses can be shared among family and friends for Super Sharing! SuperSync can be purchased at

SuperSync can be purchased at


By placing a copy of SuperSync on each Mac or PC, customers can easily compare and merge two iTunes libraries to see what tracks are missing, select them, and click "Synchronize" to begin merging the two libraries. SuperSync includes a basic audio player so you can organize, sync-up, and play all of your songs directly from SuperSync, with no external player required for MP3/M4A music files.

SuperSync lets you transfer specific tracks or all of your iTunes/iPod content to any other Mac or PC running SuperSync. SuperSync helps families reduce the likelihood of purchasing the same music or videos from the Apple Store more than once. M4B files (protected by Apple's DRM technology) can be transferred by SuperSync but need to be played on an authorized iTunes or iPod as SuperSync DOES NOT alter or remove any iTunes Music Store DRM copyright protection.

SuperSync includes a web browser interface that lets you browse and view your music collection over a web server within a local network, or from anywhere on the Internet. Now you can play your MP3 and MP4 files from any modern web browser including Safari on an iPhone.

SuperSync offers complete back-up functionality that lets users quickly and easily create a "master library" with other computers in the house or office having a subset or mirror image. SuperSync can also recover the contents from most Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads that are paired with an unavailable computer. And, SuperSync lets you back up your playlists, ratings, played counts; Plus movies, TV shows, podcasts, other audio and video iTunes content.


Founded in 2007, SuperSync is a personal music library synchronization software company, committed to building tools to help access, merge, and synchronize personal music collections. SuperSync is licensed only for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials, materials for which the copyright is owned, or materials users are legally permitted to reproduce. Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. For more information visit

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Tips from Former IRS Manager – How The DIF Score Triggers the Dreaded IRS Tax Audit

Miami, FL. (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

US Taxpayers have always wondered how and why they were selected for an IRS Tax Audit. The IRS audits over 1.3 million tax returns annually and taxpayers are fearful of being audited. The answer may seem overly simple, but most people do not have knowledge of the audit process. Each tax return is issued a DIF Score (Discriminatory Index Function). According to the IRS, a DIF Score is a mathematical technique used to score income tax returns for examination potential. This technique establishes the National Average Guidelines. Generally, if a DIF score is above the national average, then the risk of an audit escalates. The highest scoring tax returns are then forwarded to an IRS Examiner for further review.

So what triggers a high DIF Score? Sullivan says,"Falling out of the National Average Guidelines in the areas of Charitable Contributions, Casualty Losses, Home Office, and Travel & Entertainment will affect the tax return's DIF Score. Other audit triggers are unfiled tax returns and failure to file the FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Account) Form. "

How DIF Actually Works

To arrive at the DIF score for each tax return, the IRS computer identifies returns by assigning weights and certain basic tax return characteristics. These weights are added together to obtain a systemic composite score for all tax returns. That score is used to rank all returns into numerical sequence. The highest scores are then manually reviewed by IRS Agents at the Service Centers to determine the merit and worthiness of a Tax Audit.

Sullivan goes on to say, Since each return is manually reviewed, if you have an unusually high deduction, attach a copy of the bill, receipt and an explanation to the return. Those extra steps will probably prevent that tax return from the dreaded IRS Tax Audit."

The number of audits performed annually is also determined by the IRS Annual Budget and Agent availability, region by region. According to the 2013 Proposed Budget, the IRS has increased appropriations again to increase resources for the Enforcement Division. This includes investigations, examinations and collections.

If are an in need of assistance for an upcoming IRS audit, please contact the Tax Resolution Specialists at Fresh Start Tax LLC.

Fresh Start Tax is a professional tax resolution firm. On staff are Board Certified Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Former IRS Agents, Managers and Instructors. We have over 206 years of professional tax experience and over 60 years of direct IRS experience. To learn more about Fresh Start Tax, LLC, please visit or call us at (866)700-1040.


HTFx, Inc. Launches New E-Commerce Site,

Fort Wayne, IN (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

HTFx, a leading manufacturer of thermal management products, with offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Melbourne, Florida, has introduced a new e-commerce website, This website will allow customers to purchase thermal management products for use by both humans and animals. These products are 100% American-Made and feature advanced cooling technology using HTFExotherm


Bargain Movers Los Angeles to Offer the Best Moving Services in the World

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Bargain Movers Los Angeles is one of the most popular moving companies in the world. They offer best value in moving whether its local, regional or even around the world. Moving is a very stressful and hard task to deal with. Bargain Movers Los Angeles will do the process as easy and as pleasant as possible. The people that are working in this company are all well-trained giving true satisfaction to their customers. They also have supplies that will do the moving in a very easy and fast way. The company will help people to get to their relocation and be settled to their new home in a short period of time.

Bargain Movers Los Angeles is specialized in packing items of their customers. They pack items in a safe and organized manner. Bargain Movers Los Angeles are also offering moving supplies such as wardrobes, bubble wrap, boxes, moving blanket and even tapes. The company also specializes in moving offices. They can move office furniture, desktop servers, computer server infrastructure, copiers, files and office equipment to heavy machinery safely. Bargain Movers Los Angeles just do not relocate but they are also offering range of packing, unpacking and office setup productively in a short period of time.

The Bargain Movers Los Angeles has a huge network of movers in the world. When belongings reach the destination port of entry, the company will have to facilitate the customs clearance as well as the pick-up, providing any customers the ultimate move to their new location or home abroad. The company has been doing relocation for many years and they are very specialized in both long and local distance moves. In each step of the moving process, the Bargain Movers Los Angeles has a network of agents, movers and transportation companies that will do the final delivery and set up on the most major and minor cities all around the world. The company strives for excellence and they have employees that are well trained in being courteous and polite even in the most stressful situations.

The great advantage that people can get in choosing Bargain Movers Los Angeles is that it can help them to save money. The belongings will be consolidated with other customers belongings and will be shipped between places or cities. They are also the ones who set it all up, tap into network of the local movers and transportation companies as well as monitor the progress of belongings to new home. Bargain Movers Los Angeles are now expanding by taking more crews, storage facilities and trucks in order to give their customers the satisfaction that they deserve. Unlike other companies, the Bargain Movers Los Angeles maintains their full insurance. Their employees are also well trained, giving any customer a world-class service like no other.

Our growth is the result of the market recognizing our excellent value and customer service. We continue to gain market share because of the excellent value we are bringing to consumers, one of the owners of the company said.

To know more information about the company Bargain Movers Los Angeles, call them at (213) 529-1288. They are located at 601 S. Figueroa St. Suite 4050 Los Angeles California 90017. People can also visit their site at to get tips and gather information about the services that they offer.

30Oct/120 Introduces Graphic Design Services

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) August 07, 2012 introduces additional capabilities to their website. Their group of talented creative minds can now help develop new marketing ideas for any business. Active specializes in working with small to medium businesses and understands their unique needs. Since 1969, active has worked with hundreds of thousands of businesses and delivered over half million projects to date.

Active has a group of designers, art directors, visualizers and copy editors standing by to help develop professional creative designs, ranging from logo design and business cards to web sites and a social media presence. The creative solutions are customized to meet today's business needs, and high quality to meet marketing objectives and yet affordable.

Based on the customers' submitted information, will layout and create a marketing or promotional piece. Some examples include Presentation Folders, CD Package, Rackcards, Stickers, Event Tickets plus any print products offered on the website.

Clients can simply choose the product and design package that suits your needs. Next, they provide with all the relevant information pertaining to their message and concept. They may send images to be utilized, or we can select images from the archives. will then conceptualize the design, create the files and send via email for approval. After approval, the product will be printed and shipped.

About Active Newark LLC.

Active Newark LLC has over forty years of real-world experience in helping companies, agencies and marketers develop brands communicate messages. Founded in 1969 under the name Active Printing Company Inc., the company has rebuilt itself to become a leading Newark, NJ-based provider of highly specialized digital, production and marketing services. The company has a specialty expertise leveraging digital services, enabling marketers to reach their audiences in a compelling, targeted way.

Active provides more than just printing, we also provide marketing consulting services including advertising, social media, web development and event planning. Active is truly a full service agency. Actives client list includes General Electric, Bracco Diagnostics, Investors Bank, Preferred Freezer, Down Neck Equipment, Power Concrete, Geneva Worldwide, JR Cigars, Consulate General of Portugal in Newark, Elan Chemicals and many others.

For additional information please contact Michael Ramalho at 973.589.2766 or michael(at)activeprintshop(dot)com.

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[IN]cubes Demo Day Fast Approaches

(PRWEB) September 10, 2012

Some of you may be sitting on your hands waiting to hear about the new Apple announcement on September 12, 2012 (already prepping your excuse to take the day off work), while others are still reeling from the last announcement. Well, if you have deep pockets and a hard-on for cool, new technologies, there's something even more interesting for you to do. Thats if you can get an invite.

During [IN]cubes Demo Day from 1-4pm within the walls of the Toronto Stock Exchange, four of Torontos most innovative startups are set to present their businesses. For what? A chance in front of a series of hotshot investors in the crowd and representatives from Startup Canada, BDC and C100.'s own Brian Jackson outlined the whos-who of these latest companys set to graduate [IN]cubes in his article [IN]cubes startups reveal gameplans ahead of demo day (via As a preview to Demo Day, heres a look into their dream teams and expectations for the upcoming Demo Day.


~ Brief: Product Search In Just One Click

~ Team Dynamic: Friends from high school with diverse backgrounds to cover all the proverbial bases from operations, finance to development. If there was a cookie cutter mold for a startup, Adam Jarczyn (CEO), Vick Mehrotra (PM), Dave Williams (CFO) and Robert Gresik (Engineer) would be just that.

~ We want to provide seamless shopping experiences to customers who are used to a broken system. If you want something, you should be able to click and buy it. Thats our Hovr legacy. The dream starts with Pinterest integration and Tumblr (in the form of a web browser tool). Adam.

~ Demo Day desire: Cold hard cash for expansion.

~ Brief: Your Personal Nightlife Ambassador

~ Team Dynamic: These guys arent only savvy but slick, which is the perfect dynamic for the exciting world of connections, events and parties. The founders, Dan Gunam, Bryan Ferrerira and Simon Goldstein have an immense background in event management, brand marketing and advertising. Not to mention a pair of rolodex contacts ready and waiting.

~ Take the guesswork out of where to go next by seeing what fun events are going on around you, live (aggregated social media feeds) by city and genre. The incentives drive a powerful combo of cultivating loyalty and satisfaction. Coming down the pipeline is group planning capabilities to make planning and paying even easier. Dan.

~ Demo Day desire: Funding for immediate growth (tech and customer acquisition) and future expansion ($ 500,000).

~ Brief: Sell Tickets Fast, Let the Crowd Promote.

~ Team Dynamic: A tight knit team of 6 promoters running under the regimen of Jamil Khan, an engineering geek with experience in web development and internet marketing.

~ This makes meeting new people and distributing invites to certain events effortless. Our typical day ranges from VIP invitations, high-end parties, to paintball events from our clients. So, by its nature, it's fun to work at Event Holler.

~ Demo Day desire: Cash for aggressive customer acquisition and growth.

~ Brief: Get in the Game

~ Team Dynamic: These arent hard core sports fans or gamblers, these are super geeks. Business ones at that. The CEO Nicholas Murphy and VP Paul Barnard may have more experience in years under their belt than the other teams do in merely birth years.

~ Where gamification meets professional sports. With the GameDay app, loyal sports fan get points for answering relative trivia, which pretty much means, staying tuned to the game like normal. For investors, were building relationships between customers and advertisers, with real-time feedback.

~ Demo Day desire: Strategic partnerships with sports organizations, big brands looking to expand their customer loyalty in the market and capital to expand apps across more sports (currently hockey and football available).

Apple who? These young and up-and-coming startup teams are innovators in their own right. To request an invite, contact [IN]cubes founder and Demo Day master of ceremonies Ben at ben(at)adenearthworks(dot)com.

Check out the live streaming video feed and live blogging feed via and more info at Follow the social conversation as it happens on Twitter at


[IN]cubes is a Toronto based INcubator and accelerator that sources emerging entrepreneurs and talented startup teams, and graduates qualified businesses with innovative products and ideas towards their first round of capital. [IN]cubes connects with the most forward-thinking and grass-roots Canadian talent with the goals of transforming their new and disruptive technologies into international sensations. For more information, visit

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Society of Manufacturing Engineers Releases Manufacturing Education Strategy to Solve Job Skills Gap

Chicago (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) today put forth a national action plan:Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy, at the 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at Chicagos McCormick Place. It calls for manufacturers, educators, professional organizations and government to coordinate and standardize efforts aimed at reversing the skills gap crisis and preparing a skilled workforce for the high-tech manufacturing jobs of today and tomorrow.

The white paper addresses a manufacturing education void where 600,000 jobs are currently unfilled due to a shortage of properly trained workers. By 2015, that number is projected to reach 3 million openings. The report calls on all stakeholders, including educators and industry, to work together to close this gap through:


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