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Marketing Company Cleveland Gives Consultations After Recent Analysis on Marketing Techniques

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Local marketing company Cleveland, RCBryan & Associates, is giving away free consultations after a new article and analysis was done on mobile marketing techniques. According to an eMarketer article August 27, mobile ads are proving more successful than traditional display ads seen on a computer. Although the majority of mobile advertising budgets is spent in search, eMarketer estimates that 33% of the mobile ad spending in the United States will be spent on mobile banners and rich media.

The clickthrough rates were found in an analysis from MediaMind to be 42%-1.41% depending on the region. This success rate is hugeand eMarketer suspects the cause of this high clickthrough rate is due to the novelty element of mobile banner ads and rich media. The new trend in mobile advertising is important for local business owners to take note of, and consider when creating their marketing budget. The mobile ad banners may reach a broad audience, as a wide variety of people are using mobile phones and contributing to these high clickthrough rates.

As Cleveland-based marketing company RCBryan & Associates specializes in internet marketing, they are also eager to help local businesses with mobile marketing questions and needs. For companies based out of Cleveland, the professional staff at RCBryan and Associates is more than happy to meet face-to-face to assess any marketing or advertising needs that they may have. Phone consultations are also available in this free offer if this proves to be more convenient.

The newly released article and analysis on mobile marketing via mobile banners has gotten many business owners considering mobile marketing as an option along with their internet marketing services. For those who want more information on mobile or internet marketing, or to get the free consultation, they can contact marketing company Cleveland RCBryan & Associates at 216-310-6456 or at their website:

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