Dream Cloud Images Launches into the Professional Interior Design Market

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

The Annenberg Gallery in Santa Monica, California throws open its doors this month to a new photographic exhibition — “Skyscapes” — featured artist Chris Garland will for the first time be pointing his lens in a new direction – http://dreamcloudimages.com/skyscapes-annenberg-beach-house-santa-monica/. The gallery opening will mark a metamorphosis for the renowned graphic designer, creative director, and co-owner of Xeno Design, a successful marketing communications company. With the birth of Dream Cloud Images (DCI), Garland is now offering his digitally-produced, photographic prints and installations to both the design professional and public sectors for a broad range of interior design concepts.

Dream Cloud Images uses new digital technology for applying photographic images to a wide variety of materials. Anything utilizing glass, vinyl, plastic, or fabric can be printed with spectacular results. Digitally printed vinyl wallpaper is one popular choice. Here’s an example of a cafe interior in Chicago – http://dreamcloudimages.com/digital-wallpaper-awning-design/

Custom frames are specially designed for many of the images. Walls, floors, ceilings, dividers, curtains, awnings, furniture…any surface can be enhanced with large format digital printing to enliven an architectural design. Ranging from modern to traditional, installations are adapted perfectly to satisfy the requirements of each individual interior and client’s taste: small to large, framed or unframed, opaque or translucent, often with beautiful backlighting.

“It’s exciting; there are lots of creative options for people’s home and business environments,” says Garland. “I enjoy photography, product design, and problem-solving. I also enjoy the idea of figuring out how to creatively enhance a space using a combination of art and technology.”

Garland’s photos, taken locally and mainly outdoors, are simple, yet visionary, images of the Palm Desert and Coachella Valley environments in which he and Patti, his wife and business partner, reside. He focuses on incorporating the desert’s energy, spirit, and ambiance into his images. “I am influenced by my surroundings,” says Garland. “I feel very comfortable and at home here. For this reason, an extension of the location is always active in my work.”

Inspired by the fleeting, ephemeral world around him, Garland captures the magical, romantic, and empowering qualities of the natural world. “There’s a fair amount going on in these images, both visually and spiritually. It is the sky, the air, the water, the light; it is the silhouette of the horizon and distant mountain ranges. When I photograph flowers, it’s usually a wildflower, often unique to this region.” Golden orange sunsets that warm the soul. Long, exotic lenticular clouds floating in an otherwise empty sky. All these are the basis for Dream Cloud’s collection of breathtaking images.

Prints and installations can be ordered featuring any photograph in DCI’s catalog, including hundreds of single images and compositions–multiple photographs combined into a creative display. Chris Garland has the trained eye and artistic skill for placing related images into pleasing relationships with each other. He also specializes in soft-focus photo illustrations which simultaneously energize and relax the viewer. His process is a deeply intuitive and spontaneous one. “When I am doing this work, it’s meditative. I’m relaxed and able to experiment – – try new ideas.

DCI serves professionals in the architectural and interior design fields, as well as offering smaller, 13″ x 19″ prints to the public – http://dreamcloudimages.com/artist-prints/. Grand scale prints are also available to individuals as custom orders. The company intends to expand their production line with clothing and accessory items, designed by Patti Garland, similarly using fabric that has been digitally imprinted with husband Chris’ photographic images.

Drawing creative inspiration from the Southern California desert, Dream Cloud Images, a photographic art and digital design company in Palm Desert, California, provides creative services to residential, commercial and corporate clients. Using natural scenery, wildflowers and found objects, plus imagination and digital skills, Dream Cloud Images delivers stunning visual decor on paper, cloth, plastic, glass and custom media.

Dream Cloud Images is a new business from Chris and Patti Garland, owners of Xeno Design, Inc., Palm Desert, CA – a marketing design firm with 30 years of award winning work.

For more information about Dream Cloud Images, visit their website at http://www.dreamcloudimages.com

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