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Visual Backup Manager — All-in-one Backup and Synchronization Software

(PRWEB) November 13, 2008

OLSOFT has released Visual Backup Manager version 1.50 - All-in-one backup and synchronization software.

Day after day, hard drives quietly go about the business of storing our contacts, accounting information, downloaded songs, books, photos, and all the rest of our digital lives without losing a bit. So, why invest in PC backup software when it is so easy to trust your hard drive to remember your appointments, finances, and your life? Who needs a file backup utility? Why overload your system with backup software? Hard disks just work. They do. Until they don't.

Visual Backup Manager (VBM) is a complete, secure and reliable backup and synchronization solution. Manage your file backups on PC or LAN, online at Amazon S3 and through WebDAV or FTP/SFTP with common grid view and unique visual diagram display. VBM is a perfect backup tool for enterprises and companies with its Microsoft SharePoint Server document libraries backup and sync functions. Demo video is available at

Visual Back Manager is the first software in the market offering visualization of sync and backup tasks through its diagram display which makes the whole process highly intuitive to any user. User can switch between the common grid view and diagram view in one click.

Visual Back Manager includes the following functionality: data synchronization, data backup and recovery; diagram visualization of backup and sync jobs; Amazon S3 online storage integration, FTP/SFTP and WebDAV protocols support; Microsoft Windows SharePoint Server document libraries backup and sync; and website publisher. VBM supports local disk drives, network and removable drives and online storage services.

Advanced Automatic Scheduling feature enables users to save time on repeated sync and backup tasks. Once configured the job is executed repeatedly according to user defined settings. Jobs can also be performed via Windows Scheduler.

With VBM you can manage data not only locally on your PC or LAN but also online at Amazon S3 and through FTP/SFTP and WebDAV.

To meet requirements of any user Visual Backup Manager is distributed in Lite and Pro packages which differ in functionality available.

VBM is an all-in-one cutting-edge data management solution that brings confidence and reliability to your digital life.

Fully functional demo is available at System requirements are Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 128 MB RAM, 18 MB HDD. Visual Backup Manager can be securely purchased online at

Evaluation copy available on request


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