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The Revolution in YouTube to MP3 Conversion has Begun

Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2012 is pleased to announce the launch of its new YouTube to MP3 converter. The company, founded in 2010, aimed to create a free YouTube to MP3 converter that didnt require downloading and offered complete user control over file types, sizes and quality.

Dissatisfied with the quality of current converters and the plethora of problems associated with them, Kyle and David Rahmi decided that they would create their own solution. Xenras YouTube to MP3 Converter aims to solve the problems alternatives face by allowing users to adjust all aspects of the download process from download quality to bitrate and file size whilst simultaneously ensuring the safety of its users.

YouTube to MP3 converters have become increasingly popular with internet users looking to download the latest songs and acquire the wealth of original content YouTube has to offer. YouTube is one of the best places to pick up hard to find music, video and original music; much of which is unavailable anywhere else.

Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter allows users to Download YouTube videos and convert them into a multitude of formats to ensure a high quality final product. One of the key criticisms other YouTube to MP3 converters have faced is that there is no way to edit the quality, clarity and size of the final downloaded files. This often leaves users with poor quality recordings that dont reflect or improve upon the original YouTube video quality. Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter has a built in editing suite that allows users to adjust file size, audio quality, video quality, volume and bitrate; as well as track names and artist names. These innovations make Xenras converter one of the most useful YouTube tools available online. The co-founders have managed to deliver, in their own words, the most streamlined, simple, effective yet creative YouTube to MP3 solution.

The editing options are what makes Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter outshine its competitors but the co-founders are also keen to point out the added safety features their program deploys to protect users from harmful malware. The majority of YouTube to MP3 programs require a program to be downloaded onto your computer in order to run. Whilst many of these programs are legitimate, a huge number of them have become infected with malware and particularly spyware programs as they have been distributed and re-distributed across the web. These programs store and transmit private data to criminal organisations and can severely compromise computer users personal information. In order to circumvent these potential pitfalls Xenra decided to host the program exclusively on their servers; in order to guarantee that user safety is maintained. As David Rahmi puts it By hosting the program exclusively on our dedicated servers we are able to ensure the program remains secure whilst maintaining the highest level of user satisfaction.

Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter boasts one of the most original, and useful, features of any YouTube converter by being integrated with browsers; via add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. This key feature enables users to download from their browser without interrupting their usual internet use. Once the plug in is installed YouTube videos display an icon giving an option to download and convert any file that is being accessed. This innovative new direction in YouTube to MP3 converters has allowed Xenra to revolutionise the way in which individuals can use these types of programs; providing added usability as well as increased security.

For more information on Xenras YouTube to MP3 converter you can visit the website at, get in touch with us via email at biz(at)xenra(dot)com or contact us directly on 0424678144.

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