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Sports Columnist Paula Duffy Brings National Attention to Need for Protective Mouth Guards in Sports to Reduce Concussions

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2008

Paula Duffy, National Sports Examiner for and regular contributor to The Huffington Post wrote an article ('If a Simple Mouth Guard Can Prevent Concussions, Why Isn't the NFL All Over It?') that has ignited interest in and directed attention towards ways to reduce or prevent the alarming number of sports-related concussions, especially in the National Football League.

Duffy's column in the ( expressing concern for St. Louis Rams quarterback Trent Green and his return to the field after suffering two concussions in one calendar year, including one at the most severe level identified by medical professionals, elicited an informative phone call from Mahercor Laboratories, LLC. Headed up by the New England Patriot's team dentist for more than two decades, Dr. Gerald Maher, Mahercor Laboratories ( has developed an innovative mouth guard, The Maher Mouth Guard, which aids in the prevention of concussions for all athletes participating in contact sports, from professionals to youth players.

Dr. Maher says that the current NFL-approved helmet chin strap directly contributes to concussions that arise from a blow to the jaw. It compacts the end of the jawbone against the skull and increases the likelihood of the bone striking the temporal lobe of the brain, increasing the symptoms of dizziness, the sensation of seeing stars and headaches commonly known as a "ding."

The Maher Mouth Guard helps reduce the chances of suffering from a concussion. The implementation of this properly-fitted mouth guard with the prescribed thickness separates the mandible (lower jaw) from the maxilla (upper jaw). This limits the chance of obtaining a concussion via a direct blow to the jaw. This, as well as wearing properly fitted protective head gear and chin straps allows for the utmost protection from dangerous head trauma.

Duffy's articles in the and Huffington Post center on the questions surrounding the seemingly inexplicable lack of interest by the NFL to study and approve Dr. Maher's product which is already successfully used by the New England Patriots, numerous high school and college athletic programs, individual NFL players and a number of boxing, hockey and lacrosse professionals.

A seven year old NFL study with data that is even older (1996-2001) cites an incidence of .41 concussions per game every week during the football season. Duffy's concern is for players not aware of the anecdotal evidence about the Maher Mouth Guard waiting for the league or their union to give the nod to a product for on-field use. Duffy believes solutions such as those offered by Mahercor Laboratories should be immediately evaluated for use by athletes at risk.

Things may in fact be starting to happen. Researchers recently presented statistical evidence ( of athletes treated for Temporomandibular (jaw) Disorders (TMD) prior to the fitting of the (Maher) orthotic appliance at the largest collection of concussion experts in the world, the 2008 FIFA International Conference on Concussion in Sport in Zurich Switzerland. This may be the forum needed to fully understand the relevance and benefits of these procedures.

"While a concussion policy in the league has been instituted to prevent players from being forced back onto the field without regard to their health, prevention seems to be the solution in the long run, at least to me," stated Duffy.

Mahercor Laboratories product line includes The Maher Standard Mouth Guard (LEVEL I), an introductory maxillary stabilizing mouth guard designed for someone involved in a sport where mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) from non-direct impacts to the face and jaw are to be expected. The Maher Intact Mouth Guard (LEVEL II) is designed for anyone involved in a sport where mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) from hard impacts to the face and jaws are to be expected. This mouth guard is composed of a multi-layered laminated EVA material to enhance tooth protection and a patent pending posterior occusal rim to improve condyle disk relationship to lessen the potential for concussions. The Maher B-Protect Splint (LEVEL III) is designed to position the condyle-disc assembly into the optimum position to resist concussive forces.

Since its development, no NFL Player wearing any products in The Mahercor Laboratories product line has ever succumbed to a concussion from a blow to the jaw.

About Paula Duffy:

Paula Duffy is a prominent national sports radio personality with a weekly co-hosting role on Sports Journey Radio. Duffy also serves as a national columnist for the acclaimed Huffington Post and National Sports Examiner for one of the nation's largest news sites, Formerly a senior corporate lawyer for Sony and General Counsel for Vivendi Games, Duffy is a practicing attorney frequently called upon by the national media to provide commentary on US sports stars and institutions and their collisions with the legal system. Duffy is the founder of Incidental Contact, LLC (, a sports learning site for women, which features her acclaimed Daily Dose of Duffy columns and podcasts, the instructional "Woman's Guide To" line of bestselling audio books and her Sports Knowledge To-Go packages.

About Mahercor Laboratories LLC:

Since beginning work with the New England Patriots in 1979, Dr. Maher has learned about player complaints relating to existing mouth guards first-hand. Players expressed the need to be able to breathe, talk and drink with ease and comfort, both from the sidelines as well as during play, without having to take out their mouth guard.

Based on scientific research by Jack Stenger at the University of Notre Dame. This revolutionary device not only held the jaw in place, but also allowed for continuation of common, everyday functions. After years of development, the final product materialized.

In forming Mahercor Laboratories LLC, our hope is to aid in the prevention of concussions for all athletes participating in contact sports, from professionals to youth players.

Additional information on Mahercor Laboratories LLC can be found at

For more information on how Dentists can become licensed distributors of the Maher Mouth Guard, please email certification @ or call Operations 617-968-3616.

About Dr. Gerald J. Maher:

Dr. Gerald J. Maher has practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. Specializing in TMJ and Facial Pain, Dr. Maher is a Fellow in the American Academy of Facial Pain. He received his D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1973 and became a team dentist for the New England Patriots in 1979.

Dr. Maher is an active member of several dental organizations, including: The American Dental Society; the Massachusetts Dental Society; Academy of General Dentistry; Academy of Stress and Chronic Disease, American Academy of Sports Medicine; and The American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain, to name a few. He is a staff doctor at Jordan Hospital, Professor of Dental Science at Massasoit Community College and serves on the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance, TMJ & Oral Surgery Advisory Panel.

Dr. Maher has also published several articles on TMJ dysfunctions. He has lectured throughout the nation on subjects ranging from "Cranial Neurology" to "Stress Related Facial Pain in Athletics."

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