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ReviMedia Integrates eBureau to Improve Lead Quality

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

Online marketing company ReviMedia, Inc, announces that it has integrated eBureaus scoring and verification solutions into its platform, LXP, in order to guarantee high quality leads for its buyers.

ReviMedia has been growing rapidly over the past year which has resulted in a tremendous increase in lead volume and affiliates partnered with the online marketing company. In order to manage its growth and to decrease lead returns caused by incorrect data input, ReviMedia needed an advanced tool to detect possible fraud and to monitor the quality of traffic in order to guarantee leads of the highest-quality to its carriers.

By partnering with eBureau, ReviMedia now has a sophisticated verification and lead scoring system in place which has reduced the overall rate of lead returns. By detecting incorrect data input and other obstacles which hinder buyers from monetizing leads, only valid leads are passed on. Moreover, the system filters out all leads that dont correspond to a minimum score determined by eBureau. As a result, ReviMedia sees a great improvement in the quality of its leads which are monitored and verified in real time.

At ReviMedia, we are continually making an effort to deliver exclusive leads to our advertisers and carriers by optimizing lead generation, said Bas Offers, COO of ReviMedia. By integrating eBureaus lead scoring, verification and monitoring technology into our system, we are now able to classify and verify leads in real-time and address fraud issues much quicker. This new technology will also allow us to eliminate invalid contact information and therefore reduce lead returns. Moreover, eBureaus scoring system will support ReviMedia in delivering high value leads as buyers will be able to check average lead scores.

ReviMedia is making concerted efforts to ensure they are delivering the highest quality leads to their buyers, said Gordy Meyer, CEO of eBureau. Its wonderful to be part of an industry effort to boot fraud and improve lead performance overall. We look forward to continuing a strong partnership with ReviMedia as they implement our verification and scoring solutions through their LXP platform.

About ReviMedia

ReviMedia, Inc, is an online lead generation company specialized in developing and executing direct response and performance marketing campaigns. Its proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP, supports high quality lead generation in insurance verticals, exclusive in-house offers and more. ReviMedia has offices in New York City, Panama City and Amsterdam.

About eBureau

eBureau provides a powerful suite of predictive analytics and real-time information solutions to help consumer-facing businesses prevent online fraud, manage payment and credit risk, and improve operations. Clients span numerous industries and rely on the companys consumer scoring, identity verification, authentication, and location services to make instant, data-driven business decisions. Launched in 2007, eBureau is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xTech Holdings, Inc. Its investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners, and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit; the eBureau Industry Blog; and the companys presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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