PasswordVault v5.0 Adds Web Form Auto-Fill and Secure Auto-Distribution for Organizations

Adelaide, SA (PRWEB) November 6, 2006

Lava Software is now shipping PasswordVault v5.0, a simple and practical password manager for Windows, MacOS X (Universal Binary), MacOS Classic and Linux(i86). This new version offers auto-filling of Web forms, detailed reports after portable/desktop synchronization, first letter filtering on service names, improved propagation of removed services when synchronizing, a larger font size for better readability, larger buttons for easier mouse clicking, and greatly reduced CPU utilization. The new Professional Edition offers additional features for password management and control within organizations, including secure auto-distribution (via shared network drives on LANs or via Web server URLs) and logging of auto-exports and auto-import service changes.

A major new feature in this version is auto-distribution, a very streamlined and secure way to automatically distribute passwords (and other service information) between large groups of users, making it very useful for password management and control within organizations. Typically, privileged users within an organization would manage particular service categories, and set up auto-export of those categories to a ‘PasswordVault Distributable’ (PVD) file on a shared network drive, which authorized users could subsequently auto-import. Alternatively, PVD files can be uploaded to a Web server for auto-import by remote users over the Internet. PVD files offer additional security via an extra layer of strong 128-bit AES encryption on top of the normal 896-bit double-Blowfish encryption used by PasswordVault.

Web form auto-fill is an advanced new feature which greatly simplifies user entry into Websites protected by a login screen, or securely filling out Web forms, such as order forms. Setting up a service to use this feature is quite simple, and the way data is entered can be fully tailored to the form. The Web form can also be automatically submitted by a simulated press of the Return/Enter key after the form has been filled out, allowing Web forms of virtually any complexity to be auto-filled and submitted with two mouse clicks. Of course, when coupled with secure auto-distribution, productivity efficiencies created by auto-fill can be quickly propagated throughout an organization.

Standard features in PasswordVault include very strong 896-bit encryption, a unique Master Password Recovery System (MPRS), random password generator, auto-lock timer (with clipboard clear), very powerful import and export functions, masked passwords, user defined service categories, and enhanced support for use in large organizations (The University of Illinois purchased site licenses of PasswordVault for their campuses at Urbana-Champaign, Chicago and Springfield in 2004, renewing their license in 2005 and again in 2006). The portable version runs directly off USB flash drives, providing users with secure access to their website usernames and passwords, Internet banking and other data when they’re on the road, as well as the convenience of auto-synchronization when they return to their desktop computer.

The free Lite Edition of PasswordVault v5.0 (available for immediate download from includes a 30 day trial of auto-distribution and supports up to 15 services, whilst the Standard and Professional Editions support any number of services. Individual licenses of the Standard Edition are priced at USD14.95, and purchasers get download access to the current version of the software for all platforms (both desktop and portable USB flash drive versions), as well as free upgrades forever. The Professional Edition, the only edition to include unlimited auto-distribution, is available in multi-user packs starting from USD49.00 and as site licenses for companies, universities and other organizations. All current site licensees are offered a complimentary cross-grade to this new edition on application. OEM pricing, customization and rebranding options are available on request.

‘PasswordVault’ is a trademark of Lava Software Pty. Ltd.

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