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New Graphic Novel Creates Chilling Tale; Book by William Marquis

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

Six-year-old Aspen has no idea that hes repeating history when he tells his father he has an imaginary friend named JimJoe. Arrow Brown was terrorized by an imaginary friend until he destroyed him or so he thought in this new graphic novel. This psychological thriller, set 20 years later when Arrow has grown to manhood, follows the pair as they prepare to fight JimJoe. Its only when the battle draws to a close that the family learns how their fate and JimJoes are intertwined.

JimJoe Den of Thieves relays a classic tale of good and evil, set against the backdrop of modern living. Although Arrows own wife doesnt believe in JimJoe, a longtime priest knows the evil being for who he really is a member of the den of thieves, damned by God and hunting young children to kill them and steal their souls. Armed with his new knowledge, Arrow and a doctor who believes his story work to save Aspen and vanquish JimJoe once and for all. The striking illustrations add to the tension of the chilling tale, allowing characters to show their emotions and putting a face on true evil.

Graphic novels inspire author William Marquis, who hails from White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Marquis has compiled several fiction works in the last 10 years such as screenplays and graphic novels. Before turning to writing books and screenplays, Marquis was a businesses executive and entrepreneur. The business consultant has helped companies increase their profitability. Illustrator Emiko Sawanobori, a Los Angeles-based artist and animator, has worked on feature-length films and 2D television animation on such projects as Electric City and online worlds for ZhuZhu Pets and Beanie Babies.


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JimJoe Den of Thieves

William Marquis

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-0932-2

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