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17Aug/120 to Revolutionize Souvenir Industry LaserGifts Announces Patent Pending Status for Name Facts QR Coding System

Prescott, AZ (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

One of the largest souvenir and gift companies in the nation, LaserGifts, unveiled an exciting new development this week in the personalized market. In their newest venture,, LaserGifts strengthens the massive selling power of a personalized item by linking it to a comprehensive database that allows shoppers to learn more about their names instantly in the store. Beginning with the new 4D Bookmark Name Program, LaserGifts will add QR codes to each of their future product releases which immediately connect to when scanned by a smart phone device. Patent Pending status was granted to LaserGifts on this latest breakthrough which electronically links consumers names to personalized products they are purchasing. is a massive database containing thousands of the most popular American names. When a consumer scans the QR code on a LaserGifts personalized item, she is immediately taken to a page about her own name which displays facts about name origin, meaning, and statistical ranking all on her smart phone. She will also find information on celebrities that share her name, translations of her name into various languages, and a fun character analysis based on name numerology. This unique competitive advantage further enhances the most powerful brand in existence, a persons very own name. Not only is a customer gaining satisfaction from seeing her name on a quality gift item, but this technology also allows her to obtain a wealth of information about her name, which she feels was designed specifically for her. This entire occurrence can take place right in the retailers space, thus pushing the shopper to purchase her own name as well as those of family members and friends so that she can share this amazing personalized experience with others.

If a consumer does not have a smart phone device, she may visit directly via any web browser. When visiting the website directly through this URL versus a QR code, the user is greeted by a submission box prompting her to enter a name. Therefore, any common first name may be searched to return a plethora of related information and fun facts. This allows a user to search for name of friends, family members, significant others, or even her favorite celebrities.

The 4D Bookmark Name Program from LaserGifts will be available to ship to retailers in mid-July of this year; however, orders may be placed immediately with a local sales representative or directly through company headquarters at 888-674-6612 or via e-mail at sales(at)lasergifts(dot)com.

This high-profit personalized program comes on a stunning oak floor display that customers can spin effortlessly to locate their names. Retailers may currently choose between two amazing 4D graphic themes: playful dolphins or beautiful hummingbirds. The incredible depth that the lenticular images project instantly captures the attention of shoppers in any retail setting. Each full-size bookmark measures 6 x 2

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