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Marian Brown Releases her First Mystery Novel – Footsteps in the Night, a Crime Thriller with a Chilling Twist

(PRWEB) May 18, 2012

But was that the end of it? Was that the end of the horror or was there more, much more, yet to come to haunt Lydias nights and torment her days? It was one thing to heal physically in hospital, yet quite another to recover from the emotional scarring that followed the attack.

And what about the killer? Who was he? Why did he have this unfathomable urge to kill and maim? And was he done with his grim obsession or was Lydia Dunne still a target? Maybe, just maybe, her nightmare was just beginning.

This is the heart and the essence of Footsteps in the Night, a new crime-fiction novel from the pen of Marian Brown, an author based in Corbyville, Ontario. This is the story of Lydia Dunne and her attacker/killer Clive Downey and how the tragic events of a single day can impact lives forever.

This much can be told: In the end killer Clive Downey is found guilty and sentenced to a life in prison. Ultimately, he dies of a heart attack, the world a better place for his demise. Ultimately, in a strange, perverse twist of fate and logic, Lydia Dunne becomes a primary beneficiary of her attackers estate.

But what, exactly, led to such an extraordinary outcome? What was it about Clive Downey that led an unrepentant killer to create such an act of seeming generosity? Was it remorse, was it guilt or was it something much deeper and darker?

This is the mystery woven so well and so skillfully. This is the story so well told, and so graphically told, by author Brown in this debut crime-fiction novel. This is the tale of murder most foul, a tale that absorbs and engrosses the reader as the mystery unravels

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