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Avoid Power Outages This Summer With Thomas Edison Electric

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) July 14, 2012

The professionally trained electricians at Thomas Edison Electric, are now offering generator installation services on your property to avoid power outages or blackouts that can damage your home.

The purpose of having a backup generator is for the time when there is a neighborhood power outage that shuts off all electrical appliances, including lights, heating/air conditioning, refrigeration, and computer systems.

The generator will keep all of this intact during an outage, and even keep the sump pump on to keep the basement water free. Thomas Edison Electric will make sure the appropriate transfer switch is installed to safely operate the new generator, keeping the home safe. A transfer switch is connected to the main power source, and then to a backup one. Automatic transfer switches have additional circuitry, and usually some form of computer program that monitors the incoming power. At the sign of any brown outs, power surges, or other problems, the transfer switch automatically starts a backup generator and then switches over when the voltage and frequency is proper.

Get saved this summer with Thomas Edison Electrics 24 hour, 7 days a week service. The company guarantees on time service, or the service is free. For more information on power outages, call 888-783-3800. Visit for more great services from Thomas Edison Electric.

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