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3FN Improves Hardware Monitoring and Replacement Services

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2008

3FN, Triple Fiber Network, US based provider of dedicated server, shared web hosting and other web hosting services on international basis, today announces about its web hosting services advancement achieved by improving hardware monitoring and replacement services.

Triple Fiber Network is proud to announce the major improvement of hardware monitoring and replacement services, which will significantly enhance web hosting services. The web hosting company constantly improves hardware monitoring and replacement services in order to achieve maximum reliability and efficiency of its web hosting.

"Hardware monitoring and replacement services can be the key criteria for successful web hosting as there is no such thing as absolute uptime or reliability of web hosting. However, we have achieved results very close to absolute, providing 99.99% uptime and reliability of our web hosting," announces Dean McToner, the 3FN official representative. "The stability and reliability of web hosting directly depends on web hosting hardware monitoring and replacement services and improving these services we improve our web hosting considerably. We have achieved such high level of web hosting services uptime only due to quality and careful hardware monitoring and replacement services, which help always react quickly and fix any hardware issue on our web hosting."

The improvement of web hosting hardware monitoring and replacement services allows to perform any replacements or upgrades immediately providing web hosting with the flawless functioning and maximum possible uptime of all web hosting services. Due to recent improvement web hosting by 3FN remains stable and persistent. In case of malfunctioning within any web hosting service broken server part: central processor, power unit, RAM, or HDD, is replaced by a new one immediately. In addition, the servers can be upgraded instantly if that is required by web hosting customers. As the result such web hosting powered with 24/7/365 monitoring and replacement services becomes a perfect web hosting solution suiting any web hosting requirements. 3FN utilizes the best and most proven hardware as well as hardware monitoring and replacement approaches in all its datacenters, therefore, achieving maximum reliability and stability of its web hosting services.

About 3FN Inc.,

A leading international provider of dedicated servers, shared web hosting and other web hosting services, Triple Fiber Network, 3FN, Inc. is a US based company that provides its web hosting services for customers all over the world. Triple Fiber Network has a flawless reputation of reliable web hosting provider, providing the high-quality and efficiency of all web hosting services within last 10 years since 1999. The datacenters of Triple Fiber Networks are located in the heart of the Internet, Silicon Valley, lying in the equal distance both to Europe and Asia. The Headquarters are located in San Jose, California, the company has also established offices in UK, India, Ukraine and EU. 3FN Marketing is a subdivision of Triple Fiber Network. 3FN Marketing is an online ppc advertising network that offers advertisers to benefit from the optimized targeted pay per click advertising. 3FN Marketing webmaster affiliate program provides webmasters with a generous revenue share up to 95%. The company provides customers with 24/7/365 support via toll-free phone, online chat and ticket system.


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