Young Users of Earn 100 Million Reward Points

Phoenix AZ (PRWEB) May 22, 2012

My Job Chart is a revolutionary online tool that is helping kids track their chores and completely changing how young people learn about work, responsibility and money. Now, the powerful teaching tool has reached a milestone of its own.

To date, more than 100 million reward points have been earned by the 140,000+ young users of My Job

This impressive milestone, reached less than two years since the site was first launched, reflects the unique appeal My Job Chart has. Young people are drawn to the sites fun, no-hassle, high-tech format. It is easy enough for even three- or four-year-olds to use, but sophisticated enough for teens to get excited about too and the site can be personalized to fit any familys particular needs.

I think the single thing that has made the site grow so rapidly is the satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and real world experience it offers young people, says My Job Chart founder, Gregg Murset. He continues, Our site is not some fantasy-land, video-game type experience. Its hands-on learning, teaching kids that if you want to earn something you have to work for it.

Once these points are earned by doing chores around the house, the points can be saved in a youth savings account with ING Direct Bank, shared with a charity of choice or spent on something the child needs or wants.

It all adds up to a far cry from the begging, threats or expensive bribes some parents have to resort to in order to get their children to help around the house, complete their homework or get in their practice time on the piano.

In addition, the online system has been nationally recognized as an excellent tool for instilling work ethics and teaching young people about money. Organizations, including The Jump$ tart Coalition, point to as a prime way to teach personal financial literacy. Author and financial guru, Suze Orman, calls it a great money-minded tool, which allows parents to teach their children how to save, share and spend while reinforcing how to be responsible and value a dollar.

Along with these strong endorsements, the recent milestone of 100 million reward points is equally impressive as this shows how kid-friendly this site really is, says Murset.

With this unique point system and the systems intrinsic accountability, Kids really get this connection between work and money. They begin to see the real joy in a job well done and begin to take personal pride in being responsible and earning for themselves.

The ramifications are far-reaching, he says.

Kids grow personally, but having kids be more financially aware and responsible also affects families as well, and, I believe, it can improve communities and our nation as a whole. To access the free chore tracking and reward system, visit

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