Ronald McCaskill Participates in The 99 Event

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) May 05, 2012

Ronald McCaskill and his wife Linda launched their Spring speaking tour in early April targeting Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky. While stopping over in Louisville, Kentucky, Ronald McCaskill and Linda served as counselors in a community event called The 99.

The 99 uses shock value to highlight poor decisions by teens and young adults. Ronald McCaskill and Linda volunteered to participate in the event because they found the objective of the event very heartwarming and important.

We are believers of change and overcoming hardships, it is important to show the young, in a gentle manner, the cause and effect of bad decision making. Sometimes you cannot survive and change, sometimes bad decisions are deadly, said Ronald McCaskill.

Ronald McCaskill plans to participate in other community events in the towns he and his wife pass through.

Whenever we enter a new town or community, we attempt to volunteer or participate in some sort of community event, it is important for us to feel a connection, and to ensure the townspeople understand the message we bring, Ronald McCaskill said.

Ronald McCaskill is a senior pastor at his Palm Beach County based church, the New Life Christian Centre. He has been preaching across the nation and world for over 20 years, yet most recently he and his wife have launched speaking tours.

More About Ronald McCaskill

Ronald McCaskill, a Florida Native, formed his church, the New Life Christian Centre in 1992, since then, he has become the churchs senior pastor. New Life Christian Centres mission is for its congregation members to love God, people and serving others. Ronald McCaskill and his wife are trained motivational speakers, they conduct speaking events for businesses, schools, community centers and faith establishments nationwide as well as abroad. The duo launch two speaking tours throughout the year, a Spring speaking tour and a Summer speaking tour.

The 99

The 99 is a walk-through theater that graphically reenacts the five leading causes of death in teenagers and young adults. Many of these deaths are influenced by drugs or alcohol and a vast majority of them can be avoided. The 99 is a state-of-the-art production designed to portray the real consequences of poor decisions that claim about 37,000 young lives every year.

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