New Pricing for Call-Shadow IP Call Recording Software – 10 IP Phones Monitored for Just $3,000

Bishop’s Stortford, UK (PRWEB) January 29, 2007

Shadow Technology announced today that they had re-priced their IP Call Recording Software in order to target the SMB as well as the Corporate markets.

“With recent legislation more and more small to medium sized companies will have to comply by recording their calls.” Said Alex Kafkarides, Marketing Director at Shadow. “Unfortunately the high cost of call recording software has meant that many could not offord to comply and could even be in breach of local laws. Now they can buy a sophisticated IP Call Recording Product at a realistic price”.

“We offer a free 30 day evaluation from our web site at", said Kafkarides, and anyone who tries the product will either want to use it or sell it, it is that good”, he added.

About Call-Shadow

Call-Shadow is an easy to use call recording solution that implements the corporate call record keeping policy and provides secure, easy access to call records.

It allows managers to review phone calls according to their workgroup.

Users are empowered by providing them with accurate records of their calls.

Call-Shadow can be used in mission critical implementations, because it has a clustering system with an advanced fail-over system, with no single point of failure. Should a server in a cluster become unavailable, its workload is divided between its peers without operator intervention. Such a clustering system is much superior to a simple hot-swap standby system because all servers are working, providing scalability and redundancy at the same time.

All access to replays is logged and can be audited by authorized users.

Call-Shadow is highly integrated with Cisco CallManager, having an XML phone service which allows replaying calls directly on the phone, and being integrated with CallManager’s user directory (LDAP DCDirectory) for unified authentication.

It is available in two configurations, to facilitate application in a call center or company-wide.

Features and Benefits

Record phone calls according to flexible policies. You can record every call and keep only what is important. Rules and filters can be defined to organize calls by phone number or user name patterns.

Monitor live calls: Listen to a call as it happens, without any conferencing. You can also whisper to the agent without being heard by the external party.

Review, Adnotate and e-Mail phone call recordings. Search by caller ids, phone numbers, adnotations, time. Everybody can access their own calls by default, but only designated supervisors can access other -Organize calls using flexible, color coded, folders. Calls can also be automatically assigned to folders, using filters.

Call Retention Policies – Recordings can be kept for a period of time or until the hard-drive is filled. Some calls are more important than others, so rules can be set to manage each category differently.

On Demand Recording lets you keep just the important calls, using a phone service.

Multi Site: With Call-Shadow, you can record and administer many network partitions as if they were one, at no additional cost.

Mission Critical Reliability – peer to peer clustering system with no single point of failure. Should a server failure occur, its peers in the cluster will automatically detect it and share the workload. Calls in progress are recorded from where it left.

Scalable to thousands of ports, when using multiple servers. Calls can still be browsed & searched from a central server. The actual recordings storage is distributed amongst servers.

Specialized Speech Compression lowers the storage requirements 8 times over MP3 and allows 18,000 hours of phone calls storage on one 120 GB hard drive.

Call History – follow a call as it is transferred, put on hold or parked

Audit Replays – prevent recordings abuse by browsing the list of accesses to a call.

XML Phone Service – handily review your past calls from your XML enabled phone (Cisco IP Phones 7940, 7960 & 7970). Authenticate, Browse, Play, Rewind, e-mail, mark important. You can also assign calls to folders.

Supervisor Access – Assign sets of phones to supervisors, using lists of phone numbers, or several types of patterns.

Thin Client Deployment – The administration and user tools run in a web browser, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

Integrated Authentication – Authentication is integrated with Cisco CallManager’s directory server, so user accounts and passwords need to be set only once.

Integrated Support Tools – Request & receive technical support with – Passive network sniffing assures zero impact of recording on PBX performance and improves system reliability.

Try Before You Buy – Download a fully-featured evaluation version with a friendly configuration wizard from

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