Global Monitoring Introduces Messenger Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) For Remote Monitoring and Control of Unattended Groundwater Remediation Systems

Springfield, PA (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

Global Monitoring ( offers the Messenger GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) for remote monitoring and control of groundwater remediation systems that are often unattended and function without operator assistance. Providing real-time operating status of tank level, pumps and other instruments associated with groundwater remediation systems, the Messenger GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit supports remote predictive maintenance, while reducing equipment downtime, labor and costs associated with field equipment repairs. This remote terminal unit (RTU) also retains detailed historical information of equipment operations that can be used to improve new equipment designs and provide proof of operation to end-users.

Configurable to a wide variety of sensor types and expandable to 16 inputs, the rugged GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit tracks a variety of parameters such as liquid level, pressure, temperature and flow to perform various remote control tasks. When detecting a problem, an alarm processor notifies key personnel via telephone or computer, enabling operators to cost-effectively perform equipment repairs and/or schedule preventive maintenance. Using information gathered from the remote monitoring unit, service personnel better understand equipment problems before visiting the site.

The GMU8120 Remote Monitoring System communicates via standard phone-line interface, or via optional cellular data or Ethernet interfaces. The RMU is also compatible with an optional m2mLive monitoring network for global operations and can place collected data onto a website for viewing of historical information.

To reduce or eliminate ongoing communications costs, the GMU8120 can share an existing phone or fax line. In addition, the RMU operates autonomously, eliminating the need for a monthly monitoring service. Set-up and operations also are easy-friendly and do not require the expertise of a computer tech or IT professional. And should a remote monitoring unit fail, Global Monitoring can send a pre-configured, plug and play replacement RMU to the site that can be installed by non-technical personnel. Communications problem related to Internet-based systems often require a technician that must visit the remote site to resolve the problem.

In addition to environmental applications, the GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit is ideal for industrial applications such as machine monitoring and diagnostics and small building management. Units are designed with an international power supply and self-contained battery backup. For more information about the Messenger GMU8120 Remote Monitoring Unit, refer to

For more information on Global Monitoring LLC, its off-the-shelf remote monitoring units and customized solutions, refer to the web site at or contact the company at contactus(at)globalmonitoring(dot)com.

About Global Monitoring LLC

Global Monitoring is a leading supplier of industrial-grade remote monitoring and control systems. In its 25 year history, Global Monitoring has delivered over ten-thousand systems to the chemical, water and environmental markets to monitor tank levels, equipment conditions and various other parameters. Global Monitoring designs and supports its own products, with all manufacturing performed in the Philadelphia area. For more information on Global Remote Monitoring products and technology, please visit

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