Calamity Gym Announces The Idea Behind Their Groundbreaking Mobile Fitness Network

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Calamity Gym is ready to introduce the world to their mobile fitness network on, and change the world in the process. Their online gym will allow users to stay fit and healthy through a global community of friends, personal trainers, and people from around the world. The unique aspect of this venture is that 25% of the profits will go to charitable organizations of their members choice. Calamity Gym will be available to use anytime, anywhere and will be compatible with your HDTV, Computer, iPad, and Smartphone.

Calamity Gym was born out of my love of fitness and my desire to give back, says CEO Mike Lyon. I have had the privilege of taking part in several humanitarian aid trips and know first hand the power of helping those who are less fortunate. I also know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise. Calamity Gym will allow people to continue their fitness routines wherever they may be in the world, and it will allow them to exercise with their friends, meet new exercise partners, and stay dedicated to their fitness routine. Donating a portion of the proceeds to charity was a no brainer, and creating a fitness program for a mobile culture was something I knew would work.

Some of the features of Calamity Gym include thousands of videos from elite personal trainers in the U.S. Members can engage in group workouts with a global community of friends, family, co-workers, or perfect strangers, making geography irrelevant. Your status can be public or private when you workout; you can enlarge your screen in order to see other members of your group, add music and talk to your workout partners. The software also suggests workout partners for you based on your interests, workouts, and geographical location. Members can customize their workouts or they can allow the platform to customize a workout for them. The cool benefit and game changer is the opportunity for members to have donations go to the charity of their choice, changing the world using sweat equity.

Calamity Gym goes live on on June 5th. Their crowd-funding campaign allows people to make pledges in exchange for fantastic deals on future memberships, training sessions and promotional items. For more information and to donate, go to You can also visit their website at:

Starting from a position of being a true underdog in the billion-dollar fitness industry, Calamity Gym is confident they will revolutionize the exercise industry. They are distinguishing themselves from traditional brick and mortar fitness centers by building a worldwide social community of fitness partners.

Mike Lyon, CEO & Founder of Calamity Gym has leveraged his entrepreneurial and humanitarian background to create a fitness platform that combines his love of fitness with his dedication to giving back and helping communities all over the world by donating 25% of Calamity Gyms profits to charity. Lyon has created a convenient, affordable product that has the ability to make a significant contribution towards humanity, the obesity epidemic, and promote awareness of the benefits of exercise for people who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

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