Application as Service has been Released

(PRWEB) November 25, 2006

Application as Service is an advanced system utility which lets you run any application service, benefiting from all of the advantages native Windows services provide and answering various user requirements. Application As Service creates Windows services from 32/64-bit and console applications, and also from executables: 16 bit (Dos, Windows, OS/2), 32 bit, batch files, scripts (VBScript, JScript). The key feature is that it launches any application as Windows 2000/XP/2003/NT4 service at system boot, before user logon and runs it without the need of a user session. Using it you can also start applications automatically before and after service. Application as Service features very low CPU usage, custom environment variables, monitoring and detailed logging as well as many other features. You can easily configure Application as Service using its intuitive GUI interface or command line configurator directly from your software. It offers a convenient way to supply additional options and system environment variables for console application, such as STDIN, STDOUT and STDERROR streams redirection to or from the file. An advanced service dependencies mechanism allows you to run applications at the certain order and as follows specify the process priority for your application (Normal/High/Real Time).

It becomes possible to achieve higher fault tolerance with software reporting private errors to the event log. The downtime is minimized by auto-restarting application once it is crashed.

Finally, this software provides all possible functionality needed to run application as services you may think of, simplifying system administration chores and software development.

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