AdCommunal / AdMobix Uses QR Codes to Help Transition web Marketers into Mobile Marketing Space

Christiana, DE (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Affiliate programs, although a dime a dozen in a culture governed by internet usage and social media, need to remain current and on the very cutting edge of technology to ensure that products are appealing to marketers as well as the end consumer, and that programs are not just carbon copies of pre-existing, saturated campaigns.

Although QR codes have typically been associated with offline marketing, AdMobix has recently implemented this method into classic web marketing. This ensures that mobile marketers can monetize all users, and so that desktop marketers can test the waters of mobile marketing without leaping straight into the lions den. Offline marketing has been previously discounted by advertisers, as tracking the source and method of promotion is far less straightforward, and an e-trail is not readily available. AdMobix, however, guarantees that the advertiser need not relinquish control over a particular campaign as a result of introducing the QR code into the equation. If anything, this additional step and capability allow the agency to qualify the user based on factors beyond just their web credentials.

The process is astoundingly simple. The user clicks on the provided banner or link, and the offer landing page presents a banner of the campaign – this reassures the user that they are completing the correct offer, and reinforces the nature of the offer they will be scanning. Below, a QR code can be found, at which point, the user may pull out a readily available mobile device. Upon scanning the QR code on their desktop, the screen redirects to the offers mobile optimized landing page. The offer is now conveniently available for completion via that mobile device, and the end user has now visited the campaign both via a web page and a mobile page. This allows the affiliate marketer to evaluate the number of users that visit a given Web 2 WAP offer that also use mobile devices, and consider mobile marketing as a subsequent next step in their online marketing endeavours.

For those consumers that might not have a QR code scanner available on the device, fear not. AdCommunal has not forsaken these users. The landing page includes a link to a proprietary QR code scanner, which allows the user to download a free scanner for Android, iPhone, Blackberry,or Symbian devices.

A number of the companys recent changes including the Mobile Redirect Tool and Carrier/Phone Detection capability – are reflective of an ongoing quest to stay avant-garde and ahead of the tech curve. Says VP of New Business Initiatives, Neil Raj, AdMobixs tracking platform is a proprietary one, which gives us the liberty to try out all types of campaigns, and recalibrate campaigns based on what consumers want, and what theyre more likely to be interested in.

About AdCommunal

AdCommunal Inc. is a performance-based online marketing provider for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates in the United States, Canada and the UK. The company hosts one of the most progressive affiliate programs in the industry, providing some of the greatest return on investment for advertisers and highest payouts for publishers, with access to ad placements on various websites, blogs and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, all on a performance basis.

With various gratuities and tools to expedite the learning curve for advertisers and publishers alike, AdCommunal is truly a one-stop shop for online connoisseurs. AdCanadian, (a Canadian affiliate network), AdMobix (a mobile affiliate network) and AdIndian (an Indian affiliate network)- AdCommunal’s subsidiaries – provide the user with a sampling of different campaigns and diverse array of traffic sources, and ensure that the end-user’s overall experience is a truly enjoyable one.

For more information please contact Chrystal Mariyanayagam at 646-867-3977 or at chrystal(at)adcommunal(dot)com

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