accells Mobile Identity service can help to break the vicious cycle of identity theft

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) June 24, 2012

accells, the cloud-based Mobile Identity service, enables people to use their smartphone for secure identification and access to any service work or personal and can help to break the vicious cycle of identity theft.

For businesses today, anytime, anywhere access to enterprise systems behind the firewall or in the cloud has become essential to employee productivity and satisfaction. At the same time, cloud and mobile technologies continue to move forward faster than the protections for them.

Although identity theft is one of the most commonly reported cybercrimes, it is very difficult to catch identity thieves, much less to prosecute them. This is a major reason why identity theft is attractive and has grown so rapidly in recent years. It is made even easier by the fact that the most common passwords are still represented by first, family and pet names with only six characters or less. Passwords for social networks are very often used for business email as well.

Identity theft is becoming more pervasive and more costly. 2011 has been the year of big breaches with lost data in millions and costs in $ billions. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Even well-known security companies like RSA have suffered from internet enabled espionage. And a lot of young users have fallen victim to phishing via their social network accounts.

To counteract and to prevent future attacks, the costs and the complexity of user authentication solutions are rising. The use of additional hardware (e.g. tokens), the increasing requirements to comply with government regulations, and stricter password change policies for users have led to a huge cost of security processes and decreased user satisfaction. Users have difficulty remembering URLs, user names and more-complex passwords leading to a flood of urgent password reset requests.

With cloud computing becoming more and more common, Gartner predicts that the personal cloud will soon replace the personal computer at the center of users digital lives. To manage the ever-increasing cost, there is a massive move to integrate cloud services into enterprise IT. The preference for cloud computing complicates security issues because each cloud service is a directly exposed gateway for any attacker and they do not easily integrate into existing enterprise security. Identity thieves are expected to find new ways to exploit these loop-wholes, data breaches and phishing scams will continue to expand and flourish. And with this, identity theft is becoming even more attractive and even easier with the result that businesses will be drawn-into the vicious cycle with even worse outcomes of security breaches.

To break this vicious cycle, businesses have to implement a multi-factor authentication and secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy which provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution supporting all interaction channels and lowering the total cost of ownerships.

Smarter ways for protection such as mobile phone-based identification and authentication are becoming increasingly necessary.

accells Mobile Identity provides fast, easy and secure identification and access with your mobile phone to any service across any channel. In addition to secure remote access, secure cloud-service access and standard identification, accells service supports numerous additional scenarios and transactions, including: smart single-sign-on, secure transaction authentication, secure signing and approval workflows, secure data capture and feedback, and secure collaboration and sharing flows.

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About accells:

accells Mobile Identity enables people to use their smartphone for fast, easy and secure identification and access to any cloud, web, VPN, social media or mobile service across any channel – online, mobile, call center, or at the POS.

accells delivers the perfect combination of ease of use, high security and low total cost of ownership.

Covering remote access, cloud service access and the protection of existing single sign-on (SSO) mechanisms, accells secures standard login and SSO use cases. Beyond that, accells enables easy identification and secure authentication, transaction verification, signing and approval workflows, secure data capture and feedback as well as secure collaboration and sharing flows.

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