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Shadow Technology Adds ‘Whispering’ Facility to IP Call Recording Software, ‘Call-Shadow’

Bishop's Stortford, UK (PRWEB) February 14, 2007

Shadow Technology announced today that they had added "Live Monitoring & Whispering" facility to the latest release of IP Call Recording Software -- Call-Shadow. This facility will allow a supervisor or manager to monitor calls live and will allow them to talk directly to the operator without the customer being able to hear.

"This is a great feature," said Shadow's Director of Marketing, Alex Kafkarides. "How many times has a manager wanted to step in and help a call that was going bad, either because of operator inexperience or a difficult customer. In the past he would have resorted to writing messages on pieces of paper or taking over the call, which not only appears unprofessional, but would also damage the confidence of the operator.

"With Call-Shadow, they can now talk directly to the operator and advise them on what to do or say, without the person at the other end of the line hearing anything at all. This will deal with the problem in a professional way and also build the confidence of the operator in having dealt with a difficult issue," he added. "This feature is included in Call-Shadow free and at $ 3.000 to monitor 10 IP Phones is unbeatable. You can try out Call-Shadow, including the 'Whispering' feature free of charge for 30 days, including support -- just register on our web site for a download --," he ended.

About Call-Shadow

Call-Shadow is an easy to use call recording solution that implements the corporate call record keeping policy and provides secure, easy access to call records.

It allows managers to review phone calls according to their workgroup.

Users are empowered by providing them with accurate records of their calls.

Call-Shadow can be used in mission critical implementations, because it has a clustering system with an advanced fail-over system, with no single point of failure. Should a server in a cluster become unavailable, its workload is divided between its peers without operator intervention. Such a clustering system is much superior to a simple hot-swap standby system because all servers are working, providing scalability and redundancy at the same time.

All access to replays is logged and can be audited by authorized users.

Call-Shadow is highly integrated with Cisco CallManager, having an XML phone service which allows replaying calls directly on the phone, and being integrated with CallManager's user directory (LDAP DCDirectory) for unified authentication.

It is available in two configurations, to facilitate application in a call center or company-wide.

Features and Benefits


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