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Real Occupational DNA and Drug Testing Providers Release New Web Site

Ontario, CA (PRWEB) May 02, 2012

Real Occupational Testing Services, the Southern California industry leaders in providing DNA testing as well as individual and employee drug testing services, has announced the release of their new state-of-the-art web site. According to their president, the Ontario-based testing companys web site goes live on May 2 and will better reflect the high quality and values of what our brand has evolved into over the past five years.

Since we built our very first web site five years ago, our company has grown spectacularly, said Chris Phelps, President and CEO of Real Occupational Testing Services. Our advanced DNA testing technologies and programs rival the largest labs and clinics in the nation. Weve become much more high tech, as it were, as weve increased our products and services to both individuals and workplaces.

Developed by BrightBulb Solutions, a boutique Internet marketing firm based in Los Angeles, the web site highlights the wide range of DNA products and services offered by Real Occupational in the areas of DNA testing, including such tests as paternity, maternity, grandparentage, avuncular, prenatal and immigration DNA testing. Short, and to-the-point explanations of each test are included along with frequently asked questions. Clients can schedule their appointments online or walk-ins are accommodated six days per week.

While the need for DNA testing is becoming more understood and practiced, it is the drug testing services that, according to Phelps, is the companys bread and butter. Real Occupational is the leading drug testing lab providing services in Riverside and San Bernardino counties and as far away as Los Angeles with the genesis of their on-site testing services that began last year.

We provide federal drug testing and hair and urine testing for individuals and teens as well as a host of large, local businesses and educational centers that have zero tolerance drug and alcohol policies and programs set up, says Phelps. For companies and schools and organizations that dont have a drug-free workplace policy and program in place, we can assist them in designing and implementing them.

Real Occupational is the largest company in the Inland Empire offering California Department of Transportation testing, including administration of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) medical examinations for commercial drivers with a class A or B drivers license.

According to Phelps, though Real Occupational has grown in size and offerings, all of the small personal touches and focus on client service that is the foundation of the company remains.

The irony is that we work in an industry that is technical and sterile, but weve managed to keep perfecting the warmth and professionalism with which we treat our clients, on site or off site, says Phelps. Too often a small operation gets larger and loses the magic, but weve been intent on assuring that our service grows with the products and technology. We wanted our new web site to reflect that fact and I believe we accomplished that.

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