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Phototron Hydroponic Grow Kits Now Available on

Gardena, CA (PRWEB) May 25, 2012

Following the signing of the Letter of Intent to acquire Greners by Phototron Holdings, the innovative Phototron hydroponic grow systems that make it easy to grow indoors and give even the amateur gardener professional results, are now available online at

Were excited to have this opportunity to combine two of the biggest names in the hydroponic industry, said Sterling Scott, CEO of Phototron Holdings, Inc. The Phototron has been in the hydroponic gardening space for over 20 years and has only been advertised in magazines. It will now reach a whole new audience of hydroponic shoppers., a top online retail outlet for hydroponic equipment, features products running the gamut from soils, grow bulbs, ballasts, climate control equipment, LED grow lights, including Stealth Grow LEDs (also acquired by Phototron Holdings), and other hydroponic systems and equipment.

Phototron hydroponic grow cabinets are designed to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in any environment. Now available on are the Phototron Original, Tall, Pro T-5, Pro Hybrid and Pro LED models that can be ordered fully assembled with hassle-free shipping.

The most inexpensive version, Phototron Original, has over four feet of vertical growing space and contains six 55-watt fluorescent T-5 bulbs that output a total of 26,000 lumens. The assembled version comes ready to grow and includes nutrients, seed pods, sphagnum peat moss, nutrient solution and a user manual.

One step above the Original is the Phototron Tall, which contains six high-output fluorescent T-5 bulbs for enhanced growing. The Tall provides more room for vining plants and the ability to achieve a much higher yield. The Phototron Tall also comes with all the necessities to get started.

The less expensive professional grade Phototron, the Phototron Pro T-5, contains six high-output 6500K blue fluorescent T-5 bulbs for incomparable growth and resin output, and four high-output 3000K red fluorescent T-5 bulbs for faster plant growth and higher seed yields. This model provides a diverse and clean light spectrum for enhanced growing of tall, heavily productive flowering plants and comes equipped with a proprietary ECO-Brain system.

The highly advanced Phototron Pro LED featuring Stealth Grow LEDs has a 200-watt top-mounted LED lighting unit, and a total of 120 watts of LED light that equates to the output of a 1000-watt HID lamp to provide the most effective grow and bloom environment available. The Pro LED is also equipped with a revolutionary ECO-Brain. And the Phototron Pro Hybrid combines the T5 vertical lighting with the LED Top Bloomer.

Phototrons revolutionary ECO-Brain computer manages nearly every aspect of growing with features that include automated lighting, sensors to detect water level and moisture, a variable speed fan to control humidity and temperature levels, and a carbon filter to remove organic odors. A quick look at the information panel shows exactly what the plant needs at each stage of growth.

Please visit to see the entire Phototron Line.

About Phototron Holdings, Inc.

Phototron Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT.OB - News) (OTCQB: PHOT.OB - News) is a progressive company with core holdings in innovative technology-based products and services for home gardening specialty markets including Stealth Grow LED brand LED grow lights and the Phototron single plant systems and accessories. For more information, go to and

Phototron hydroponic growing containers are designed to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in any environment. With its ECO-Brain and Phototron Plant Nutrition line of all natural hydroponic nutrients, Phototron makes indoor gardening easy, and produces extraordinary results.

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