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New Online Dating Site Enlists Friends, Family and Strangers to Help Singles Find Companions Online

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 03, 2012

Imagine an online dating site that skips the computer algorithms and specialized niches, and instead uses human fellowship as the driving force. Introducing, a new dating website that harnesses the power of people to help you find love. With the help of volunteer "Matchmakers," which could be friends, family or strangers, members enjoy a friendly, collaborative, and compassionate online dating environment. founder Zachary Leven created the website after he tried online dating and found that other sites merely offered unhelpful schemes of databases and algorithms that failed to address the inherent difficulties of looking for a companion. The search for a new love, he realized, should not be conducted the same way we search for a new pair of sneakers. Combining his background as both a web developer and a human rights activist, he set out to create a new type of dating website using the best resource of all people. is the result.

"There is a tremendous amount of goodwill on the web. We use the internet to help each other find apartments, start businesses, write novels, and be better parents," said founder Zachary Leven. "Why shouldn't people friends or total strangers - help each other find love?"

How Does Work? includes Members, which are those people looking for a companion, and Matchmakers, which could be a friend, family member or a total stranger, who are interested in helping others meet. Members and Matchmakers form partnerships, similar to an agent representing a client. Using proprietary tools specifically developed for, Matchmakers may write testimonials, suggest matches, and post notes on Members' profiles. Working with a Matchmaker also enables Members to be anonymous as the Matchmaker serves as a go-between. is an online dating community dedicated to helping people navigate the emotional and tiring path to finding a relationship. Currently, is free, but the site plans to begin charging members $ 5/month in the summer of 2012. was founded by Zachary Leven. For more information, visit

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