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MathTutor Educational Software, Inc. Announces Release 6.5 of Its Math Learning Software Series

Munster, IN (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

MathTutor Educational Software, Inc. today announced Release 6.5 of the MathTutor software series for Grades 6-12 math. This release includes several enhancements. The first is a new student learning interface, which provides easy access to all the components of the software, including instructional content, assessment, and testing. Another enhancement, designed for schools, allows teachers to design customized interactive courses and tests from the MathTutor database of over 675 tutorials and practice modules. These enhancements, and others, have been implemented in the company's algebra tutorial software program and the 13 others that make up the MathTutor series.

The MathTutor software series is a proven, curriculum-based family of software titles for Grades 6-12 math that provides a customized learning path for each student. The series features dynamic, highly interactive tutorials with stunning animation and graphics to enrich the learning experience. The series allows students to work at their own pace, building skills and confidence one step at a time.

The MathTutor software series is consistently selected by schools and districts that have carefully evaluated the offerings of different companies in search of the best available curriculum-based math software. Research and results through February, 2012 show a dramatic improvement in students' math performance at schools and districts using Release 6.0 of the MathTutor series.

Curtis D. Blaine, Vice President of Development, said, "The MathTutor series provides customized learning paths that address each students unique needs and learning style. The series allows high school and middle school students to develop a strong foundation in mathematics, and has led to dramatic, measurable gains in student performance on standardized tests."

Teachers have found the MathTutor series to be an invaluable resource to supplement classroom instruction. Release 6.5 enhances the "Course Creation" feature introduced in an earlier release. Teachers can design customized interactive courses from the existing MathTutor database of over 675 tutorials and practice modules. For example, teachers can design custom courses for a vo tech curriculum, or for specialized courses that combine the teaching of algebra and geometry.

MathTutor Educational Software also announced that schools and districts purchasing the site license versions of the MathTutor series would receive a 20 percent discount off its regular pricing through the end of 2012.

About MathTutor Educational Software (

MathTutor Educational Software, Inc. is a leading publisher of self-study tutorial software for Grades 6-12 math. The MathTutor series has been acclaimed for its educational excellence and outstanding instructional design. 25 years in the making, the MathTutor series is the development of the company's team of educators, educational researchers, and textbook authors. The result is a research-based math tutorial software series of unparalleled quality and effectiveness. The MathTutor series has helped students across the country and worldwide to learn and master Grades 6-12 math.

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